January 2016

In this video, I created a deer camera with a GoPro (Hero4 Black) and an UltraClamp mount. After seeing some deer near our home, we really wanted to capture them on video. So we went back with some apples, carrot peels, and our GoPro. They weren't shy at all - in fact, they came out of [...]

In this week's DIY GoPro post, you'll learn how to make a kayak GoPro mount. Now, this isn't your usual kayak mount. Instead of being mounted directly to the kayak, this mount gives a third person perspective - from over your shoulder. To make this mount, you'll need: Kayak with a fishing rod holder PVC [...]

GoPro macro photography - really?! GoPro built their brand on action and sports photography. But that's not all it's good for. In this post, we'll look at how to get macro shots with a GoPro. You'll find some macro lens options at the end of this article. You might be interested in this DIY GoPro macro lens [...]

If you love birding, you're going to love this GoPro bird photography idea. It's going to make capturing great footage a lot easier. These three videos show how easy it is to get awesome footage by mounting your GoPro near feeding birds. You can mount it to your bird feeder, a branch, or anywhere you enjoy watching birds feed. [...]