Choosing between RAW or JPEG really depends on what you want to do with your photos. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. In this post, I will talk about what the basic differences are. If you are just getting started with your DSLR, this is an important question. While some compact cameras do shoot in both file formats, [...]

It's no secret that I love my GoPro. I've created body-boarding, Galapagos animal, and sunset timelapse videos. It is great for both underwater and timelapse videos. But all is not well with the GoPro Hero3. It has horrible audio!  Although nothing will stop me from using my GoPro, I wish that it had better audio. [...]

Good audio is pretty important. Viewers will tolerate some video issues (shake or poor exposure) - but if your audio is bad then they won't stick around. We recently purchased a set of new video gear to improve the quality of our audio. Along with a new video camera we purchased some new wired mics: Audio-Technica [...]

We started making web videos with a basic point and shoot camera. We later upgraded to dSLR video. And they have had decent success. But we have had some audio quality issues - especially for voice. It was time to upgrade. Until now, we've been using both a new Canon point and shoot and an [...]

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