How to Use a GoPro

In this post, I've put together 13 GoPro tips for families. Along with the tips, you'll find some ideas about how to put them to work. And some gear suggestions that'll make getting great footage easier. Have you used your GoPro to take family photos? These action cameras aren't just for base-jumping, wingsuit-flying, kamikaze-athletes anymore. Here are some GoPro [...]

Here are the 8 best GoPro books to improve your photography. What's the best GoPro book? In this post, I share the top eight GoPro books - based on their Amazon rating. While there many more - they really aren't worth your time. The first two are great for all GoPro models. The next five [...]

In this video, I created a deer camera with a GoPro (Hero4 Black) and an UltraClamp mount. After seeing some deer near our home, we really wanted to capture them on video. So we went back with some apples, carrot peels, and our GoPro. They weren't shy at all - in fact, they came out of [...]

In this post, you'll learn about the basic GoPro settings: resolutions, frame rates, and field of view (FOV). Both what they are - and the best time to use each one. Watch this video post: 12 GoPro Hero4 video settings Before we get into all the details, here is a quick reference guide for GoPro settings: resolutions, frame rates, [...]

I always shoot in Protune flat because it captures the best color. The Protune flat (flat) option is a little more like shooting in RAW. It gives you way more flexibility in post processing than the default GoPro Color option. With Protune flat, image quality is increased because of a higher data capture. Whether you are shooting [...]

Do you want to make a GoPro time lapse video? Confused about which settings you need? While it sounds complicated, it isn't. In this post, I'll cover the specific settings needed to create a quality time lapse video, including the shooting interval, image resolution, and playback rate. I'll also cover the specific gear and tips you'll need [...]

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