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diy gopro mount zip tie

In this week’s DIY GoPro post, you'll learn how to make a simple GoPro zip tie mount.

This mount uses a standard GoPro adhesive mount. After cutting a vertical and horizontal gap in the adhesive pad, you'll apply a plastic backing. The gap allows space for the zip tie to pass through.

diy gopro ziptie mount

diy gopro zip tie mount

This mount can be used on sign posts, benches, soccer nets, roll-bars, hockey sticks, and tree branches.

To make this mount, you'll need:

  1. GoPro camera
  2. GoPro adhesive mount
  3. Old credit card – or another thin sheet of rigid plastic
  4. Scissors, box cutter and marker
  5. Zip tie(s)

With all these pieces ready, lets get started!

DIY GoPro Zip Tie Mount

Watch on YouTube Photos and video copyright owner is Kyle Martin.

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DIY GoPro Zip-Tie Mount Tip: To make your mount even more stable, consider adding a rubber (inner tube) backing. This will keep it from shifting on smooth objects.

Your Turn

Where will you use this mount? Have an improvement or tip? Please share it below!


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