24 Fun GoPro Galapagos Animal Photos

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Galapagos-seal-underwaterDid you ever do something so fun, you just had to tell everyone about it?

For me, it was our trip to the Galapagos a couple of years ago. We were working for a travel agency and went on all their excursions. We collected as many experiences and photos as we could. And we were working as a family, so it was extra awesome!

We became instant fans of the GoPro on that trip! It's light and packs easy.

And thanks to the waterproof housing it can really take a beating. We were going at a pretty fast pace, in and out of boats, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling… A GoPro is the perfect camera for a trip like this!

In celebration of our super fun trip, I've put together 24 of my favorite GoPro Galapagos animal photos. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

GoPro Galapagos Animal Photo Slideshow

Here is a short video slideshow of the photos.

To take a closer look at some of my favorites, check out the individual shots below the video.

Watch on YouTube

The following images are the same as in the video above. Hope you enjoy!

24 Fun GoPro Galapagos Animal Photos























I Want More Of That!

Can you see why I was so excited? And why I think everyone needs a GoPro for a trip like that?

We had the camera on an extension pole and the animals were not afraid it. Their curiosity made for wonderful photos. That's one of the things I love about shooting with a GoPro on the extension pole is the increased distance between me and the animals. This makes getting great animal photos a lot easier.

Looking at these pictures gets me excited and makes me want to go again. I'm not sure if we will get back to the Galapagos, but we will definitely be doing more of what makes us feel like that!

So what makes you feel like that? What gets your family excited and draws you closer? I would love to hear about it. Please share your story, and if you have a link to a post with photos, share it!

To learn how to get the best color out of your GoPro photos, you might want to read my post about shooting in Protune flat.

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