GoPro Says No SD: How to Easily Fix a GoPro SD Card Error (Hero3, 4 and 5)

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When your GoPro says NO SD, it can be kind of frustrating – and scary. In this post, you'll learn how to fix your GoPro SD card error. This fix applies to all GoPro cameras (Hero3, Hero4 and Hero5).

GoPro says no SD

Here's what you need to do, when your GoPro says “NO SD”.

3 Reasons for the GoPro “No SD” Error

There are three reasons you might get the NO SD error on your GoPro. The last one is the most common.

  1. Incorrectly inserted: I guess this one is obvious and probably the first thing you should check. If the card is either inserted backwards or if it isn't fully inserted, you'll get the “No SD” error. The card should be mounted without extending from the camera. And it should insert easily, without requiring force.
  2. Wrong type of card: Not all GoPro cameras will accept all types (size and speed) of micro SD cards. Be sure to check your cameras specs before buying your SD card.
  3. Corrupted SD card / Improperly formatted: From my experience, this is the most common. I've had problems when switching cards between GoPro cameras. For some reason, it will sometimes seize up when I move the cards between different cameras – especially when there are images already on it. See the solution below.

When Your GoPro Says NO SD: Easy Fix 

GoPro Says No SD: To fix a corrupted SD card, just pop it out of your GoPro and into another camera that will recognize it and then format the card.

I've had success formatting a corrupted card in both a point-and-shoot camera and in a laptop.

Warning: Performing this format will delete all your images. If the images on your card are important, try to copy them onto your computer. I've had success a few times.

Okay, so you've formatted your card and your almost good to go.

Just to be safe, I recommend formatting your card again (yes, a second time) after inserting it back into your GoPro camera. This ensures that it's ready to go with the new GoPro without any new SD errors.

GoPro “NO SD” Error: Easy Fix for all GoPro Cameras (Hero2 through Hero5)

Here's a 2 minute video showing how to fix the no SD error:

Watch on YouTube

I've only had this problem when switching cards between GoPro cameras (Hero3 and Hero4). The last time it happened, I was camping and shooting a nightlapse and my first card filled up. I just grabbed a card out of another camera (that already had images on it) and stuck it in. It worked for a while, and then it seized and stopped capturing the stills. That finished my shoot – much earlier than I planned.

To avoid this problem, make sure you bring enough cards for your shoot – and don't switch cards between cameras. The risk of losing both sets of images is too great.

What If This Doesn't Work?

If another camera won't recognize the card either, try formatting it in a computer. If the computer won't recognize the card it might be physically damaged. There isn't much to do now, except buy a new one.

GoPro no SD error fix

Your Turn

Did this fix work for you? How did you get your card working again? Join me in the comments!


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