5 GoPro Settings for Diving (Plus: Tips and Gear)

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In this post, you'll learn 5 GoPro settings for diving.

gopro settings for diving

I love to snorkel – and have had a blast filming animals with a GoPro. But since I'm not a diver, I'm going to lean on GoPro athelete Mark Healey. Mark is a big wave surfer, spear-fisherman, free-diver, photographer, and part-time Hollywood stuntman.

In the following video, Mark will cover the following:

  • Prepping Your Camera (The Night Before)
  • GoPro Dive Filter Basics
  • GoPro Dive Shooting Modes

Read more about how to use GoPro underwater.

5 GoPro Settings for Diving w/ Mark Healey

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Prepping Your GoPro Camera (The Night Before)

1) Make Sure The Lens is Clean Inside

A fingerprint or a piece of lint will ruin your dive footage. Take a minute and make sure your lens is clean and clear. Don't forget to check the lens glass on the dive housing too.

2) Add the Anti-Fog Inserts

These inserts do as their name suggests: they prevent fog from forming inside the case.

When you add them, make sure they don't affect the gasket seal. The case will leak if the insert gets between the door and the case.

Here's why your GoPro fogs up.

gopro anti fog inserts

3) Floaty Backdoor

This adhesive flotation will give you a chance of finding your camera if it comes off your mount in the water.

The floaty will take the camera to the surface – bright orange (or yellow) side up. This is a good idea if you're using a floaty handle or a selfie stick.

You can get yours from GoPro or from CamKix.

gopro floaty backdoor

4) GoPro Dive Filter Basics

PolarPro Red Filter Standard Housing Scuba Accessory for GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+
Choose your Dive Filter: To get quality footage, you're going to want to use dive filters. Because water naturally filters out color – especially reds and magentas – these need to be replaced with an add-on filter. Otherwise, your colors will look skewed.

Red is for blue water and magenta is for green water. The filters just pop on and off.

Here's an example:

underwater gopro filterYou can either wait to mount the filter until you're under water (to prevent bubbles) or you can mount the filter, enter the water and quickly remove the filter to let all the air escape and then pop it back on. Trapped air bubbles will ruin your photos. With the tether, you won't have to worry about losing it.

Make sure you tether the filter so you won't lose it if it comes off.

5) GoPro Diving Shooting Modes: 1440P at 30fps

Because you probably won't need to slow down the motion from your underwater footage, Mark recommends shooting at 30 frames per second. His favorite resolution is 1440P (1920 x 1440). This is basically the same as the standard 1080P resolution except with a little more height. This is a great video resolution for all point of view (POV) shots. Read more about GoPro settings.

If there is tons of natural light, then you might want to bump the resolution up to 2.7K. But make sure that you have the light to support it.

Want to shoot for slow motion? I recommend shooting in SuperView (either 1080 or 720). At 1080 SuperView you can shoot at 80 frames per second. And at 720 SuperView you can shoot up to 120 fps – that means that you can slow the footage to render 4 seconds of video for every 1 second shot underwater.

Should you shoot in Protune? It really depends on how much editing you want to do after your dive. I'm a big fan of Protune but if you're just getting started, don't worry. The standard GoPro Color setting produces some great footage.

Want to use GoPro WiFi underwater? Here's how.

Your Turn

What are your favorite GoPro settings for diving?


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