GoPro Taste Test: Flappy-Lipped Camel

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A couple of weeks ago, we visited Oaklawn Farm Zoo with friends. See more photos from the trip.

I've always loved that crazy camels mouth! This visit I was determined to catch it on video.

As you will see in the video, the camel was very curious. He followed me along the fence, eager to put his lips on the camera. My favorite is at 0:13 where he drags his face down the fence, causing his lips to bounce and flap.

A Flappy-Lipped Camel GoPro Taste Test

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Here are some stills from the footage:

gopro taste test camel camel taste test gopro open mouth camel

How Did I Get This Footage? 

While selfie-sticks are often mocked as narcissistic, I love selfie sticks for animal shots.

My selfie-stick (I prefer to call it an extender pole – seems a little less vain) is 48″ in length. Add a couple more feet of arm length and this gives me 6+ feet (2 meters) of reach.

While most animals (even zoo animals) are nervous of people up close, the six foot space gives them the confidence to approach. And the shiny little camera with the flashing red light is irresistible to most animals. In addition to the camel, we've played with monkeys, sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, schools of fish, Galapagos tortoises, and a pond full of koi.

Tip: If you want great footage of animals, always use a selfie stick.

Here is a shot that Dena took while the camel was taste testing the GoPro:

camel gopro selfie stick

Take better animal shots with your GoPro when you use a selfie stick.

Your Turn

Have you fed your GoPro to a curious animal? Please share your links and tips below!


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