November 2015

I always shoot in Protune flat because it captures the best color. The Protune flat (flat) option is a little more like shooting in RAW. It gives you way more flexibility in post processing than the default GoPro Color option. With Protune flat, image quality is increased because of a higher data capture. Whether you are shooting [...]

“What is shutter priority mode?” That’s a great question. (It’s one every new photographer asks.) Shooting in Shutter Priority mode is one of the easiest ways to take control, and start getting more creative with your photos. Once you start getting more creative, your love for photography will get even stronger! Shutter Priority is much like Aperture Priority, [...]

The blue hour after sunset is an awesome time to practice night photography! It actually only lasts from about 20 to 40 minutes (depending on weather conditions) but I guess “the blue hour” just sounds better. It’s a term used to refer to the time just before sunrise and just after sunset when the sky shows [...]