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6 Tips for Indoor GoPro Photos (Settings, Gear, Positioning…)

In this article, you’ll learn how to take indoor GoPro photos. All GoPro cameras have either 10 or 12 megapixel sensors. And you can get great quality indoor photos with them.

But GoPro cameras generally don’t perform very well in low light and they have a really wide-angle lens. This combination can make your indoor GoPro photos look drab and distorted.

take indoor gopro photos

In this post, I’ll cover six tips that will help you work around the tricky stuff so you can take indoor GoPro photos you’ll love.

Getting Ready to Take Indoor GoPro Photos

It’s hard to hold a GoPro like you would other cameras. It’s really small, and the buttons are set up differently.

Here are a few things that will make using a GoPro for indoor photos easier.

For indoor GoPro photography, you’ll need a:

How to Take Indoor GoPro Photos

The following six tips will help you get great indoor GoPro photos using natural light.

1. Connect Your GoPro 

If you haven’t connected your GoPro with your phone or tablet, now is a great time. It’s easier to take indoor GoPro photos when you can use your handheld as a screen to check composure.

You can also use it as a remote shutter release. This will help reduce camera shake giving you sharp photos.

I also like using my tablet to switch GoPro settings. I find it easier than pushing the buttons on the camera itself.

2. Choose Your Camera Settings

Here are some of the GoPro settings to consider when shooting indoors.

  1. Protune Flat color setting: You’ll capture more detail in the shadows and highlights than with the GoPro Color setting. That makes a big difference all the time, but especially when shooting inside. You’ll notice the difference when you edit your photos. Protune Flat will give you a richer color capture.
  2. Field of view: The GoPro has a really wide field of view. When you’re taking shots indoors, that’s not usually what you need. To narrow the field of view, choose the 12 MP Wide resolution / field of view setting. This will give you a narrower photo than the “Super View” setting. You’ll still be shooting in 12 megapixels.
  3. White Balance: If you set up directly in front of a large window and turn off all electric lights you should be fine in Auto White Balance. With electric lights on, the camera can get confused and choose the wrong white balance. This could throw off the coloring in your photos. Once all electric light is off, take a test shot to check your coloring. If your coloring doesn’t look right, try the 5500k white balance setting. I find this works best for indoor natural light photos, it’s not too cool (bluish) or too warm (yellowish).

3. Get Close (But Not Too Close)

Anything closer than 12 inches will look blurry on a GoPro.

To get as close as possible (without making things blurry) set your subject 12 inches from the lens.

The best way to do that is to measure with a measuring tape or a ruler.

take indoor gopro photos twelve inches away

4. Use a Tripod for Steady, Sharp Photos

Place your subject as close to the window as possible. The GoPro will choose shutter speed based on available light. The more light you have, the faster your shutter speed will be. The faster shutter speed will give you a sharper photo.

Camera shake can be a problem when hand-holding your camera, so put your camera on a tripod to ensure a sharp photo.

As mentioned above, pressing the shutter release button can also cause camera shake. So, use your phone or tablet as a remote shutter release. This is another great reason to connect with your GoPro.

If you don’t have something to connect your GoPro to, use the burst setting on the GoPro.

5. Catch Natural Light With a Clothes Rack

To catch natural light, I use a clothes rack and a piece of white material. This helps even out the light in my photos and provides a nice backdrop.

You could also use a professional setup (backdrop stand and a 6 x 9 FT (1.8 x 2.8 M) white cotton sheet) for a reasonable price. I used this clothes rack for the photos in this post.

clothes rack to take indoor gopro photos

how to take indoor gopro photos

The material I used for the photos in this post was sheer, so I doubled it over. I like the effect it created.

6. Edit Your Indoor GoPro Photos

To get photos like the ones in this post, you’ll need to do some editing.

You’ll need to crop your photos because of the GoPros wide field of view.

take beautifull indoor gopro photos

You’ll probably want to make your colors pop as well. This is when you’ll be happy you shot in Protune Flat.

Hungry for more? Here are 16 tips for GoPro photography.

tips for indoor GoPro photography 6

Your Turn

Have a question – or maybe a tip to share? Please join me in the comments below!

Majid Amani

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Thks for advice . I waiting again for more your guide.

Jim C.

Sunday 8th of December 2019

Hi Dena, So ultimately would it be fair to say that a GoPro Hero Black with 12 mp still picture capability would be a reasonable choice for a combo use camera? Or should I be looking for more than 12 mp for excellent still pictures?