Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Condenser Mic Review

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Good audio is pretty important.

Viewers will tolerate some video issues (shake or poor exposure) – but if your audio is bad then they won't stick around.

canon-vixia-hf5500-reviewImproving Audio Quality

We recently purchased a set of new video gear to improve the quality of our audio.

Along with a new video camera we purchased some new wired mics: Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Condenser Mic

In this post, I cover them in detail, including the review video below.

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Mic Review(Video)

Watch on YouTube.

Test Results

Setting: The test was shot in my office, with both the door and windows closed. There are 2 full bookcases and lots of work gear so there is almost no echo. It is a pretty ideal audio recording setting.

This is the first video I've produced with this camera. The mics on the Canon Vixia HF R500 are decent. They record better sound than expected. Using the “Audio Scene” option “Speech” improved it over the default setting.

When I connected the mics it initially produced a slightly muffled sound when compared to the on-board mics.  The initial contrast made me think that the quality wasn't as good as the built in mics. But as I listened it seemed to improve.

For $18 mics, these aren't bad. While the on-board mics pick up the audio better, they are limited in situations where there is an echo or other distracting noises. I looked into some higher-end wireless mics that also work with some of the basic Canon camcorders. Something for the future…

Price update: Although I only paid $18.25/ea on Amazon, the current pricing is showing at $29.99 (with a regular price of $39.95). It seems that there is some significant fluctuation in the pricing. Either way, the price is worth it. The next price level begins around $150-300.

audio technica atr3350 review


Where We'll Use External Mics

The mics will be especially useful both outside and in a large room where either echos or other ambient noises could affect the audio quality. In a closed room I plan to record without a wired mic. But when we are shooting outside or in a room with echo, I think these will give us better sound quality.

I am eager to take these mics on our first trip and create some great travel videos. To see our Ecuador-based videos subscribe to our GringosAbroad channel.

Tools used in this post:

Your Turn

What audio / video setup are you using? How do you ensure quality audio in your videos?


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  • Philip N Cole Aug 5, 2014, 10:06 am

    A distinct upbeat in volume using the “collar” mic…
    My college age son, has a “go-pro” and as produced a couple of outdoor videos with audio…I am suggesting he review your comments.
    I like your web site “improvements”. nice work.
    Hey! How about some information on “surffing” and/or bech tonws/villages/huts; yes, there are other blogs/sites available..but your descriptions/opinions are more honest … a joy!
    Much Success.
    Thank you,
    Philip N. Cole

  • Art Graham Jul 5, 2015, 10:01 pm

    I like the intent of the review. An external clip on mic is needed. I am behind a generation with AT-35, a Sony, etc. The question I have is the relevance to the group without context,

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