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15 Best Camera Harness & Straps to Lighten the Load

Finding the best camera harness and strap just got easier! Here we share 15 of the best options on the market. We also talk about key features you’ll want to look for as you decide which harness/strap is best for you.

best camera harness strap

Whether you are a professional photographer, a social media influencer, or simply someone who enjoys capturing life’s little moments on camera, having the right equipment and accessories can make all the difference. 

The right camera harness/strap makes it so much easier to carry your equipment and ensure its safety while walking, climbing, biking, or simply relaxing. 

Camera harnesses and straps come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Knowing the key features to look for will make the selection process easier, so let’s get started.

5 Key Features in Camera Harnesses and Straps

If you’re looking for an ergonomic design to help fight fatigue during shooting, or the right equipment to use while vlogging, there are some features of harnesses and straps that will make all the difference.  

Here are the top five elements to look for when you are selecting the best camera harness or straps to lighten your load. 

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1. Comfortable/High-Quality Material

Whether using a full harness, neck strap, or wrist strap, the material is important! Camera straps and harnesses should be built fairly rugged, flimsy materials won’t last or offer much comfort.

A strap or harness needs to be dependable, strong, and comfortable.

Some of the best material choices are:

  • Leather
  • Neoprene
  • Polyester (high-quality, seatbelt-style) 

Also, look for wide straps, even in lightweight gear. Wider straps are far more comfortable for long-term wear and help evenly distribute the weight of the equipment through the width of the strap.

comfortable camera straps

2. Removable Padding

Especially when carrying heavy equipment, more than one camera, or several lenses, having comfortable padding on a harness makes a huge difference.

While some straps have sewn-in or permanent padding, removable padding is much more practical.

Some benefits of removable padding:

  1. Easier to clean. Simply remove the padding, clean it, and put it back on the strap. No need to worry about dealing with the cumbersome lengths of nylon or leather when trying to clean the padding. Some strap padding is even machine washable.
  2. Easier to replace. Typically, the padding on a harness is the first component to wear out and require repair. Removable padding makes replacement a breeze.
  3. More versatile. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and it is important that a proper harness is fully adjustable to meet individual needs. Removable padding ensures that camera harnesses and straps are more adjustable than those that have permanent padding.

camera harnesses for two cameras

3. Versatility

For both professionals and amateurs, needs may change from day to day or project to project.

Finding a harness that can be worn in several different ways and includes components to carry multiple pieces of equipment is ideal.

While most photographers have several different harnesses and straps, having a harness that can adjust to the needs of the photographer is truly ideal.

Camera harness/strap positions:

  • Across the body camera harness
  • Shoulder camera harness
  • Chest camera harness

4. Secure Locking Mechanism 

Harnesses and straps should be built for both convenience and protection. Having a strap made of quality, strong material is only one piece of the puzzle. 

It’s also important to review the connectors, ensuring that quality materials are used for buckles and snaps. You’ll also want to make sure that snaps are sewn in well. 

Little details like this will help secure your expensive photography equipment.

5. Convenience and Accessibility

You’ll want to quickly access equipment when the need arises, so make sure the strap design provides easy access to all lenses, cameras, and other equipment.

Ideally, a strap or harness should allow users to access their camera with one hand, without any significant adjustment of the strap or harness. 

Features that add to convenience:

  • Quick-release buckles. These are great features and make changing and removing the camera from the harness a snap. 
  • Built-in storage pockets. You’ll need something that allows you to stow your necessities, such as lens caps, cleaning cloths, pens, batteries, and memory cards. Having everything in one place and within reach makes life easier. 

Now that we’ve reviewed harness/strap features let’s take a look at my picks of the best camera harnesses and straps.

We’ll begin with harnesses for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

ergonomic camera harnesses straps

Harnesses for Large Cameras: DSLR/Mirrorless

Large cameras are one of the most important groups of cameras to have a harness for since these cameras can be hard on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best harnesses for large DSLR/mirrorless cameras. 

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1. Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness System

The Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness has a twist-and-lock security mount system, making it one of the more secure mounts you can buy for your camera.

No matter how dynamic your movements are, the camera stays safe and secure, mounted to your chest with no risk of breakage or damage. 

This affordable harness is designed to distribute the weight of the camera, making it more ergonomic and easier to carry without strain to your shoulders or neck.

An important factor is when you’re carrying your equipment over the course of several hours.

Along with carrying the camera securely, this easy-access harness makes it simple to get to your camera quickly.

The vest style of the harness is adjustable, making it easy to get on and off. 

See current price.

2. Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

The Altura Rapid Fire camera strap is designed as an overhead sling-style strap worn across the body.

This strap keeps your camera comfortably at your side and has a sliding connector allowing you to slide the camera up the strap and into position quickly.

While this camera strap may seem flimsy at first glance, it’s made from heavy, reinforced materials that make it tough and durable.

The strap is also protected by a rubber coating to prevent any accidental scratches to the camera casing. 

Here are some other great features of the Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap: 

  • Quick-release ability: The quick-release ability is important when you need to get at your camera quickly to catch that perfect wildlife/action shot. Even though the strap has a quick-release function, it is still secure. That means the camera is not going to release on its own and get damaged.  
  • Safety tether function: The safety tether acts as a backup security system for the camera harness, preventing it from dropping by providing an additional point of fastening to the strap.

If you want a heavy-duty camera harness that can still give you easy access to your equipment, the Altura Rapid Fire camera strap is a good choice. 

See current price.

3. Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness

The Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness is a quality harness that doesn’t restrict movement and your camera secure while focusing on comfort.

While Cotton Carrier products are typically at a higher price point than their competitors, they truly provide value.

This unit is extremely comfortable, and as a sling-style, it doesn’t restrict movement at all. It slips over the shoulder, then clips around the torso, and is easy to take off and on. 

This is a great harness for hiking or biking, as it holds the camera completely secure with no movement whatsoever. 

The design allows for quick and easy access to the equipment and is comfortable for all-day wear. See current price.

best double camera harnesses

Double Camera Harnesses

Double camera harnesses are perfect if you want to keep two cameras at the ready.

It’s harder to make a camera harness that can comfortably (and safely) carry two cameras, but luckily there are several companies that have taken on the task.

Here are our top picks for the best double camera harnesses. 

4. Coiro Double Camera Strap

The Coiro Double Camera Strap is a dual strap designed so that you can keep two cameras near you at all times.

This can reduce the amount of time needed to capture the type of shot you’re after.

This dual camera strap is constructed out of high-quality materials such as real leather and metal D-rings. Made to last a lifetime. 

Here are some of the other features of the Coiro Double Camera Strap: 

  • X-style shoulder straps: The X pattern shoulder straps are stylish and functional, holding each camera by your hips for easy access in a split second when you need to catch a fleeting shot.  
  • Two safety straps: This camera strap features not one but two safety straps, doubling the security of your equipment. This strap is perfect for active photographers who spend a lot of time carrying their equipment in the field.  

See current price.

5. OP/TECH USA Dual Harness

The OP/TECH USA Dual Harness is a versatile, comfortable harness that converts easily from a two-camera chest harness to a one-camera sling style harness. 

The neoprene neck and shoulder padding disperse the weight of the equipment easily across the body, and the addition of a chest strap increases the overall stability of the unit. 

This harness comes in several sizes.

See current price.

6. Sevenoak Chest Vest System for Canon/Nikon

The Sevenoak Chest Vest System for Canon and Nikon cameras is a quality dual camera harness.

This vest-style carrier is pretty amazing in terms of versatility. You can carry two cameras, plus other accessories, all with quick and easy access. 

The harness includes quality locking screws that ensure security for the equipment.

The vest is comfortable and lightweight yet still does an excellent job at evenly distributing the weight of the equipment across the entire body.

This double harness will keep both cameras tightly secured even during physical activity.

See current price.

best camera harness

Ergonomic Camera Straps

When it comes to carrying around your camera equipment, making sure that your camera harness is comfortable can make the difference between a miserable shoot and an enjoyable one.

Below you’ll find examples of some of the most ergonomic camera straps on the market. 

7. USA Gear DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness

The USA Gear DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness is a great choice for casual photographers who want an easy and comfortable way to carry their gear while out and about.

This chest harness is a great harness to use when capturing memories with family and friends at the beach, a picnic, or a family gathering.  

The harness is extremely comfortable, and while it doesn’t include any padding, the wide straps are very comfortable on the shoulders even for long periods of time. 

This is a no-frills harness that performs extremely well, allows for quick access to the equipment, and safely secures the camera.

See current price.

8. Ocim Camera Sling Strap

The Ocim Camera Sling Style has a wide, comfortable strap that distributes weight evenly across your shoulder, preventing strain and muscle fatigue during extended photo shoots.

This strap is also designed with an underarm strap, so it’s not constantly sliding around over your shoulder. This can prevent chafing as well as the strap (and camera) sliding off.

Here are some of the other features of the Ocim Camera Sling Strap that make it a good ergonomic camera strap: 

  • Adjustable length
  • Metal clip with a backup lock for added strap security to prevent camera falls
  • Universal compatibility with any camera type that has a standard one-fourth inch tripod screw
  • Quick-release function

While there’s a limit on what kind of equipment you can carry around with any shoulder sling system, the sling from Ocim allows you to comfortably carry your camera for extended photo shoots. 

See current price.

9. BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

The BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness has a minimalist design yet still provides a ton of comfort with quality padding that spreads across the shoulders.

The harness does a great job at evenly distributing the weight of the equipment across the body. 

This harness provides easy accessibility to your equipment and is fully versatile, with removable straps that convert the harness from a two-camera vest-style harness to a one-strap shoulder harness for a single camera.  

The material is lightweight with breathable padding on the shoulders.

See current price.

10. Spider Holster Single Camera System

The Spider Holster Single Camera System is designed to go around the photographer’s waist.

This is a professional-grade camera harness that is designed for heavy DSLR gear and cameras. 

Here are some of the other features of the Spider Holster Single Camera System: 

  • Tripod compatibility
  • Adjustable belt (27″-50″) with available extensions
  • Security locks that prevent someone from pulling the camera from its holster without pressing the quick-release button

The Spider Holster is perfect for long days with heavy equipment, leaving your shoulders free. 

See current price.

best camera straps

Hand Straps for Large Cameras

When it comes to carrying around large cameras, only the sturdiest and most comfortable camera harnesses will do.

If you carry your camera bag at your side or on your back, a hand strap may be the perfect camera strap for you.

Here are a few of the best camera hand straps.

11. Peak Design Clutch CL-3 Quick-Attaching, Quick-Adjusting Black Hand

The Peak Design Clutch CL-3 is a camera hand strap that helps stabilize your camera while you’re shooting, it also helps protect the camera by securing it.

The sleek, inconspicuous design of this hand strap makes it a good alternative to bulkier options on the market. 

The durable material/hardware (inspired by the hardware on quality climbing gear) means that it can hold even heavy, professional-grade cameras and accessory systems. All while providing comfort and security.

It clinches down fast, meaning you don’t have to worry about the strap slipping loose or ruining your shot.

See current price.

12. Cotton Carrier Hand Strap

The Cotton Carrier Hand Strap is compatible with all types of SLR cameras, including the following: 

  • Full-sized professional cameras
  • Battery grip cameras
  • Regular-sized cameras

Featuring a rubber gasket that allows it to be configured for any major brand camera such as Canon, Minolta, Sony, or Nikon, the hand strap is also designed in such a way that it can be adjusted comfortably to fit any adult hand size. 

A Velcro locking strap and neoprene pad helps hug the camera firmly to your hand, letting you focus on your shot instead of fiddling with your camera strap. 

See current price.

13. Altura Camera Hand Strap

This Altrua Camera Hand Strap also straps around the wrist which can help guarantee a secure grip.

This added protection may put your mind at ease against drops, and relieve fatigue because you can let the camera hang rather than having to continually grip it between shots.

It’s versatile because it is compatible with any DSLR with a standard 1/4″ tripod screw mount.

The material helps keep your hand cool because the padding is lined with ventilated microfiber. And the strap adjusts to fit different hand sizes.

Check current price.

Harnesses for Action Cameras

If you’ve got a passion for action photography, you’ll need a sturdy, reliable camera harness that can go all the places you go.

The action camera harnesses below are some of the best for catching that impossible action shot.

14. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

The GoPro Performance Chest Mount is great for filming extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, skiing, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

If you need a camera harness that can hang tough in an extreme sport, and works with all GoPro cameras, the GoPro Performance Chest Mount is for you. 

See current price.

15. Hapurs

The Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount is a perfect choice when you’re doing an activity where you want to film the action, hands-free.

Using an ergonomic design, this mount distributes the weight of your camera gear evenly across your shoulders, preventing muscle fatigue and strain over long hours of shooting extreme sports or extreme terrains. 

This shoulder mount has a fully adjustable strap with a length that can accommodate just about everyone and is a very functional option for when you want to film at a perspective that is lower than helmet height.

See current price

camera harnesses for large dslr

Comfortable Harnesses for Every Photographer

There you have it!  From rugged vests designed for outdoor use in tough terrain/weather to the simple quality of a traditional and classic leather sling strap, we’ve tried to include something for everybody.  

We hope you found something that’s got you excited for your next shoot.

Let us know what your pick for the best camera harness strap would be by commenting on this post.

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