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12 Best GoPro Forums and Communities for Beginners and Pros

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So you want to join a great GoPro forum? An active forum can help you get quick answers to your  questions – and give you access to a huge user community. Choosing the right GoPro forum can also give you the tips and inspiration you need to create amazing content.

gopro forum

There are lots of options – ranging from general to specialty. The niche GoPro forums include drone, scuba, and mountain bike photography.

In this post, I share a list of the top 12 GoPro forums.

The purpose of this post is to create the largest resource of the best GoPro forums online. To do this, I need your help. Am I missing your favorite forum? Please add it to the comments below!

Choose Your GoPro Forum:

  1. General GoPro Forums (5)
  2. GoPro Drone Forums (3)
  3. GoPro Sport Forums (4)

Which GoPro Forum Do I Recommend?

I am a member of GoPro Fanatics and I plan on joining GoPro Support Hub. When I get a drone, I will definitely join DIY Drone. For me, these are the top three GoPro forums right now.

General GoPro Forums

These general forums cover all aspects of GoPro use and support. Learn about DIY mounts, hacks, editing and repairs. The following six forums also cover most sports and have large, active communities.

1. GoPro Fanatics Forum

This site publishes regular, weekly blog posts and has a very active community. The blog posts are mostly GoPro news and some tips. Site includes a blog, forum, and store.

Visit GoPro Fanatics Forum

gopro fanatics forum

2. GoPro Support Hub

This is the official GoPro forum – their “GoPro Support Hub”. Despite the potential, they seem to lack community involvement. But, they did only launch in August 2015. Their rank/badge system is likely to encourage users – although it’s just getting started.

Visit GoPro Community Forum

gopro community

3. GoPro Subreddit

For the latest GoPro videos and photos, this is a good place to start. While you can ask some questions, this isn’t your traditional forum.

If you are familiar with (and understand) Reddit, this might be the forum for you. Otherwise, there are better options. Visit GoPro Subreddit

subreddit gopro

4. LinkedIn GoPro Camera Group 

This community boast 3700+ members. In comparison with the other general forums, this one is a little quiet. With the recent (Nov. 16, 2015) change to LinkedIn Groups, this might come back to life.

Visit LinkedIn GoPro Camera

linkedin gopro group

5. GoPro Forums

This is a fairly active site with daily activity. Although the site owners stopped publishing site updates back in July of this year, there is still an active community.

The forum is divided into the following sections: Community, General Discussions, Hero Cameras, Video Software & Editing, GoPro Troubleshooting Problems & Repair, GoPro Videos, GoPro Classifieds, Lounge, Vendor Section.

There are thousands of posts under each category. Visit GoPro Forums

gopro forums community

Google+ GoPro Community is the largest GoPro community on Google+. There are 19,086 members of the community. I have seen some interaction, but overall, it is like the rest of Google+, abandoned.

I am not including the DIY GoPro Forum in the list, because the site appears to be abandoned. They have only published once in the last 18 months and the forum is gated so it’s impossible to see if there is any content there.

GoPro Drone Forums

Attaching a GoPro to a drone is becoming more popular each year. This set of GoPro forums is for all types of aerial photography.

6. DIY Drones Forum

This forum is run by Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics. It is very active for such a niche forum – with 20+ posts in the last hour. There are 176 groups within the forum and tens of thousands of active discussions.

If you want to learn about shooting from a drone, this is the place. It is described as “world’s largest open robotics development community”.

Visit DIY Drones Forum

diydrones gopro community

7. 3DR Pilots Forum

This forum is one of four run by Drone Pilots. They also run DJI Phantom (36,000+ members), DJI Inspire (12,700+ members), and Yuneec. Both of the DJI forums are very active. The Yuneec Pilots forum has just 289 members. Note: Don’t expect a growing GoPro community on either of the DJI forums. While they used to make a GoPro mount, they have since engaged in their own drone warfare.

In contrast, 3DR makes a specific mount for the GoPro. The 3DR Pilots forum has 2400+ members, and describes itself this way: is the leading online community for discussion and support for the 3D Robotics Solo, Iris and X8 drone platform.

It’s funny (at least to me) that the generic forum is run by a drone manufacturer, and the branded forums are run by an unaffiliated company.

Visit 3DR Pilots Forum

3dr pilot gopro forum

8. RCGroups: Aerial Photography Forum

Aerial photography for remote controlled airplanes, helicopters, jets, boats and cars. They have a super-active community and a whole section dedicated to aerial photography. Visit RCGroups

rcgroup gopro forum

While GoPro Drone Club Forum comes up in search, it is kind of a last resort for GoPro drone users. I only see a handful of comments / posts from this month. This forum might be useful for you if want to search their archives, but for an active drone group I recommend the first two.

GoPro Sport Forums

Extreme sport is what made GoPro famous. So it’s no surprise that there are lots of forums dedicated to GoPro sport photography.

9. ScubaBoard GoPro Forum

This is one of the biggest scuba forums. With 205,000+ diver members, they are a huge scuba diving forum community. The forum has 500+ topics and 5.5 million posts. There is a dedicated section for GoPro scuba video.

Visit ScubaBoard GoPro Forum

scubaboard gopro forum

10. Seabreeze Forum

This site is a hub for all water sports. And was the winner of “Most Popular Water Sports Website in Australia”. While the specific weather and beach info is only good if you’re in Australia, the GoPro photography tips and posts are great for where ever you live. To find the GoPro posts, just search “GoPro”. (Obvious, I know.) 

Visit Seabreeze Forum

seabreeze gopro forum

11. Mountain Bike Review Forum: POV Camera

See 4300+ threads about video and POV cameras. This is the best GoPro forum for mountain bikers. Visit Mountain Bike Review Forum

mtbr gopro photography forum

12. Kiteforum 

This is your home if you want to shoot while kitesurfing. This is a pretty niche community with reasonable activity. Visit Kiteforum

kiteforum gopro

There is a GoPro forum topic on Bogley. It is kind of sparse but has some activity.

There are dozens of low activity / abandoned GoPro forums. The set of forums in this post include the best (and most active) GoPro forums I could find.

There you have it: the 12 best GoPro forums! 

12 Best GoPro Forums

12 best GoPro forums

Your Turn

Am I missing your favorite GoPro forum? Please add it to the comments below!

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