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6 Best GoPro Hero4 Silver Settings for Beginners [Video]

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In this post, we’ll explore 6 of the best GoPro Hero4 Silver settings.

best gopro4 silver settings

The GoPro Hero4 Silver touch screen makes it easy to see what you’re shooting and choose your settings.

Which settings should you be using? Let’s break down some of the best to get you started.

But first, let’s see an overview of the GoPro Hero4 Silver. There’s a lot to love about this camera.

GoPro Hero4 Silver Overview (video)

The above video talks about the GoPro Hero4 silver as being waterproof. But, it’s not waterproof without a waterproof housing. Learn more about how to use a GoPro underwater.

Now let’s get to the meat! Here are the 6 best GoPro Hero4 Silver settings for beginners:

best settings for GoPro Hero4 Silver

Best GoPro Hero4 Silver Settings for Beginners

Here’s a quick reference of the best Hero4 Silver settings. More detail below.

  1. Video Setting: 1080p Wide at 60fps Shoot at 170 degree field of view with the option to slow the action.
  2. Burst Mode: Capture all the action with 30 images in 1 second or 30 images in 3 seconds
  3. Time-lapse Photo Mode: Shoot a great sunrise or sunset at 2 second intervals. Or use this setting list the burst mode – and shoot 1 image every 0.5 seconds. (Perfect for selfies).
  4. Auto Low Light: Seamlessly capture scenes that range from bright to low light – without adjusting anything.
  5. QuickCapture: Enable this setting and you can start recording (video or time-lapse photos) in just one click.
  6. Protune: This is an advanced setting that captures more detail in your photos and videos. In post production, you can bring out more detail and get a truer color. Here are the best options for GoPro editing software.

Curious about the flashing blue light? Here’s what it means (and how to turn it off).

The 6 Best GoPro Hero4 Silver Settings

Here’s all the detail on the six settings, complete with photos and videos. Lets get started!

1. Video Setting

The all-around best video setting is 1080p Wide at 60fps (frames per second). This setting will give you a good quality video capture with decent slow-mo capabilities.

Once you get the hang of shooting video with your GoPro you can experiment, but to get started and for dependable quality choose this setting.

GoPro Hero4 Silver Settings

2. Burst Mode

Choose 30 in 1 second or 30 in 3 seconds. The Burst mode is perfect for capturing quick bursts of action.

Once you press the shutter the camera will fire off your shots in a fast burst and then stop shooting. You can use a single shot from a burst or stitch them together to show a cool sequence of action.

For super-fast moving action choose 30 photos in 1 second. And for something happening a little slower go with 30 in 3.

3. Time-Lapse Photo Mode

For a sunrise/sunset or normal cloud movement choose to shoot at 2 second intervals. For best quality choose 12 MP image resolution.

You can also use this mode as you would Burst Mode when your camera is mounted and you can’t hit the shutter button manually. Choose to shoot at 0.5 second intervals in this setting. Your GoPro will just keep clicking away until you hit the button again and stop it.

In Time-Lapse Photo Mode the camera will not stitch the photos into a time-lapse video, you’ll need to do that later. This gives you the freedom to create a time-lapse and/or choose individual photos.

Read more about shooting GoPro time lapse video.

This is also the best choice for night-lapse photography because you can use a long exposure to let in more light.

GoPro Hero4 Silver Night Lapse Video

Watch on Youtube via David Tschan

4. Auto Low Light

Auto low light allows you to go from bright to low light settings without adjusting anything.

This is great for driving or biking videos where you’re passing through sunny and shaded areas.

5. QuickCapture

With QuickCapture enabled (it’s off by default so you’ll have to turn it on) you can turn your GoPro Hero4 Silver into a one-button camera.

When the camera is powered off (with QuickCapture enabled) you simply press and release the shutter button and your camera starts recording video.

Or press and hold until you see the time-lapse icon and your camera instantly starts shooting time-lapse photos.

How to Enable Quick Capture Mode Video

Remember that when you’re connected to the app or GoPro remote, QuickCapture is disabled.

6. Protune

If you want to get the best quality photos and video make sure Protune is switched on. It will give you more options while shooting and editing.

When shooting in Protune you’ll be able to edit for a truer color result.



Best GoPro4 Silver settings guide

The above photo of seaweed was shot using a macro lens.

If you’re not interested in editing, just leave Protune off.

Learn more differences between GoPro cameras in the GoPro Comparison Guide.

What About You? What’s Your Favorite GoPro 4 Silver Setting?

Those are our top 6 best GoPro Hero4 Silver settings for beginners.  The same settings apply for the Hero4 Black.

There are lots of settings to explore on the Hero4 Silver, so have fun experimenting!

What settings do you use? Please share your favorites with us by commenting on this post.

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