5 Best Cameras Like GoPro (But Cheaper)

Cameras Like GoPro

In this post, we'll look at five best cameras like GoPro but cheaper.

gamin virb x action camera

The GoPro is considered (by many) the best action camera because of its video capabilities, size, weight, and durability. But the cameras on this list can hold their own. Some of them even have features that you won't find on a GoPro.

Let's take a look at five cameras like GoPro but cheaper.

5 Best Cameras Like GoPro (But Cheaper)

There are a lot of other cameras like GoPro that didn't make it on our list. The five that did are here because of their price, features, and durability.

tomtom bandit gopro camera

The most popular choice for video capture is 1080p at 60fps. All of the following cameras have this ability. Some of them are waterproof without a case, have GPS, and wifi (like the Hero5 Black).

5 Best Cameras Like GoPro

In no particular order here are my picks for the top 5 cameras like GoPro but cheaper:

  1. TomTom Bandit
  2. Polaroid Cube+
  3. SJCAM SH5000X Elite
  4. Garmin Virb X/XE
  5. Drift HD Ghost – S

Here's a sortable list of these cameras:

All of the cameras on this list are cheaper than the GoPro Hero5 Black. Here is its current price in your country. (If no price is displayed, you'll have to click the link to see it's current price). 

GoPro HERO5 Black
Price: $399.00
You save: $0.99 ( %)
27 new from $399.0022 used from $315.00

Let's take a closer look at each of these cameras. I've included 2 videos for each camera (a review and unboxing video each). Be sure to watch the videos, they'll help you get a good idea of the quality and best features of each camera.

1) TomTom Bandit

The TomTom Bandit shoots 16 megapixel still photos and 1080p video up to  at 60 fps.

It's splash-proof without an extra case. With the waterproof lens cover, it's good for up to 50 meters.

This camera will work with all standard GoPro accessories because it ships with a GoPro adapter. The TomTom Bandit will accept up to a 64GB microSD Card.

tomtom cameras like goproIt has a great three hour battery (which beats the GoPro) and built in sensors like altitude, speed, G-force, rotation and heart beat. Although the heart beat sensor needs an additional Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

If you want to take it in the water, don't forget the waterproof lens cover

In the following video you'll see a review of the TomTom Bandit and hear a little more about some of its features.

Video Review of the TomTom Bandit Action Camera

Watch on YouTube via Flow Mountain Bike

You may be wondering what comes with the TomTom Bandit. In the following video you'll see the TomTom Bandit unboxed and learn more about what it can do.

TomTom Bandit Unboxing Video

Watch on YouTube via Coastormer

I really like the 16 megapixel photo capture, and that you don't need extra cables – you can just plug the Batt-stick right into your USB.  And what about that cool shake-edit feature in the app!?

You can also order a premium pack (mentioned in the video) which does increase the price but may be worth it to you because of the convenience of that little remote button.

TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera
Price: $493.29
You save: $3.70 (1 %)
2 new from $475.340 used

(Out of the action cameras that are like GoPro but cheaper, this is my personal fav. )

2) Polaroid Cube+

The Polaroid Cube+ looks a lot like the GoPro Session and shoots 8 megapixel still photos, and video in 1080p at 60fps.

It has image stabilization and Wi-Fi. The battery lasts for just over 1.5 hrs.

This camera is weatherproof (for a little rain or snow) but not waterproof. You can get a case (see below) to make it waterproof for up to 10 meters.

polaroid cube action cameraIt comes with an 8 GB microSD, and accepts up to a 128 GB microSD card.

In the following video you'll see a review of the Polaroid Cube+ and learn about some of its features.

Video Review of the Polaroid Cube+

Watch on YouTube via Karl Conrad

Now it's time for the un-boxing video.

In this video you'll also see an un-boxing of the Polaroid Monkey Stand. The Monkey Stand does not come with the Polaroid Cube+. If you want one you'll need to order it separately.

Video un-boxing of the Polaroid Cube+

Watch on YouTube via DansTube.TV

In the above video it's said that the GoPro cameras do not have image stabilization, but the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session cameras do have image stabilization.

I love the red and blue options and that it comes with a microSD card. The inclusion of the SD card is especially nice for newbies, like kids.

You might want to pick up one of those cute little Monkey Stands – it makes a decent tripod/stand and a great place to store the camera.

And you may want to add a waterproof case because the Polaroid Cube + is not waterproof.

3) SJCAM SJ5000x

This GoPro lookalike shoots in 4K but for a fraction of the price. It even has a 2″ touch LCD screen for changing settings and composition.

At 4K resolution, you can shoot at 24fps.

The camera comes with a full set of mounts and accessories (tripod adapters, handlebar moutn, adhesive mounts and extra back doors. The SJ5000x works with all the GoPro mounts and accessories.

Control your camera with your mobile device via WiFi, just as you would with a GoPro.

sjcam sj5000x

SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Review

Watch on YouTube

Curious about what's included? Check out this unboxing video to see what you get with the SJ5000X Elite camera.

SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Unboxing Video

Watch on YouTube

The SJ5000x has multiple photo shooting modes, including single shot, burst-shot, time lapse, continuous.

4) Garmin VIRB XE

The Garmin VIRB XE shoots 12 megapixel still photos and 1080p video at 60fps.

This Garmin action camera is waterproof to 50 meters without an extra case.

It has a battery life of 2 hours. This cameras accepts up to a 128 GB microSD card.

garmin virb cameras like goproYou can capture high definition audio with this little camera because it has Bluetooth Audio for connecting wireless Bluetooth microphones or headsets.

It also has built in GPS and will measure heart rate, speed, elevation and G-force.

In the following video you'll see a quick review of the Garmin VIRB  XE.

Video Review of the Garmin VIRB XE

Watch on YouTube via REAL Watersports 

Now that you've seen a review video, let's see what's in the box. This video also shows more detail about the features and setting of the VIRB XE.

Unboxing Video of the Garmin VIRB XE

Watch on YouTube via RIZKNOWS

You can soot 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

The ability to capture heart rate, speed, elevation and G-force is pretty cool right?! Not to mention how that can help you improve your skills.

There is a newer version of this camera: Garmin Virb Ultra 30

5) Drift HD Ghost-S

The Drift HD Ghost-S shoots 12 megapixel photos and captures up to 1080p video at 60fps. This camera is waterproof (to 9.8 feet) without an additional case.

This cameras most unique feature is its lens which swivels up to 300 degrees. Being able to turn the lens means you can keep the horizon straight no mater how your camera is mounted.

Drift HD Ghost - SThe battery lasts for 3.5 hours shooting at 1080p.

This camera accepts up to a 128 GB microSD card.

In the following videos you'll learn more about the Drift HD Ghost-S.

Video review of the Drift HD Ghost-S

Watch on YouTube via 2TMVloggin'RS

What comes with the Drift HD Ghost? In this video you'll see all the goodies in the box, and learn more about some of the camera's features.

Video un-boxing of the Drift HD Ghost-S

Watch on YouTube via ActionCameras

Here we have another 3 hour battery, and that swivel lens is a really great feature!

When ordering any of the above cameras don't forget to order a microSD card.

What Will You Do?

Have you decided which camera you'll get?

Cameras With Higher Resolution

Some of the features that got me excited about the cameras on this list are that a few have a higher megapixel photo capture than the GoPro.

The TomTom Bandit shoots 16 megapixel stills, whereas the GoPro Hero5 models shoot at 12 megapixels.

Cameras with More Features

I also really liked the swivel lens on the The Drift HD Ghost – S. And the ability to record extra stuff like heartbeat, speed and G-force on the TomTom Bandit and Garmin Virb XE.

That being said, I have a Hero5 Black and I'm pretty happy. I'm loving how small and light it is, and that it's top of the line in its class for video capture.

I'm into photography so all the added features it has for photo capture in Protune are a bonus. I also find the touch screen display super easy to use.

touch screen on GoPro Hero5 Black

Read 6 tips for GoPro Hero5 settings. Or check out my GoPro Hero5 review.

Your Turn

Will you go with one of the cameras like GoPro but cheaper on this list? Or maybe you already have one, please let us know what you think by commenting on this post.

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