GoPro Tutorials

Check out our full set of GoPro tutorials. These in-depth tutorials will help you learn how to use a GoPro. You’ll learn how to create a driving and sunset time lapse, a high-tide time lapse and even how to take a screenshot from your GoPro video.

Get more help with these quick GoPro tips.

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GoPro Tutorials

Do you want to make a GoPro time lapse video? Confused about which settings you need? While it sounds complicated, it isn’t. In this post, I’ll cover the specific settings needed to create a quality time lapse video, including the shooting interval, image resolution, and playback rate. I’ll also cover the specific gear and tips you’ll need [...]

When I first ordered my GoPro camera, I couldn’t wait to use it. We were booked for a press trip to the Galapagos (we had snorkeling on the brain) and a fully waterproof camera would be amazing. But aside from the underwater function, I was excited about the time lapse function. The GoPro shoots in 0.5, [...]

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