Akaso makes some decent action cameras for much less than other brands. In this Akaso V50 review, you’ll learn all about these four models, including their battery life, video and audio quality, settings, size, and accessories. Akaso is our favorite GoPro alternative camera. Akaso V50 Action Camera Comparison It can be a little hard to sort [...]

Are you looking for the best free GoPro editing software? Awesome! In this post, I’ll share the best options for free GoPro editing software. Free GoPro Editing Software: 7 Options Before we get started, I want to qualify the programs on this list. To be listed, they must offer a “free forever” version. Some of these [...]

If you’re tired of wobbly GoPro mounts, you’ll be interested in the UltraClamp. I’ve tested this mount on benches, trees, doors – even the top of a double decker bus – and nothing can shake this super stable GoPro mount. Here’s my review. I hate tripods! (Well, that’s not entirely true.) But when we are [...]

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