DIY GoPro Kayak Mount (Third Person Perspective)

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In this week's DIY GoPro post, you'll learn how to make a kayak GoPro mount.

Now, this isn't your usual kayak mount. Instead of being mounted directly to the kayak, this mount gives a third person perspective – from over your shoulder.

To make this mount, you'll need:

  • Kayak with a fishing rod holder
  • PVC pipe (1.25″): a 24″ section, 45 degree elbow, and a PVC plug
  • GoPro adhesive mount
  • PVC primer and cement
  • Short piece of cord
  • Optional: Small flathead bolt and nut, in case adhesive fails

With all these pieces ready, lets get started!

DIY GoPro Kayak Mount: 3rd Person Perspective

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2 Tips for DIY GoPro Kayak Mount

  1. diy gopro kayak mountBe sure to tie the mount to your kayak. If you go for a roll, the small piece of cord will keep your mount (and camera) attached to the kayak.
  2. Take a few minutes to determine the best length of pipe and angle of the mount for the type of video you want to create.

In some settings, you might need to use anti-fog inserts to eliminate GoPro lens fog.

Update (January 29, 2106): Reddit user BobvanVelzen suggests sealing the other end to make the whole mount float. 

Your Turn

Have you created this mount? Do you have a suggestion to improve it? Please share it in the comments below.


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