DIY GoPro Rotating Time Lapse Base (with an Egg Timer)

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diy gopro time lapse mount

In this week's DIY GoPro post, you'll learn how to make a rotating time lapse base for your GoPro camera.

But first, why would you want your time lapse to rotate? When the camera is moving, it can make even an otherwise boring time lapse more interesting. Here's an example.

The DIY tutorial is below this video.

GoPro Rotating Egg Timer Time Lapse

Here's an example of what this mount can do:

Watch on YouTube

Learn how to create a sunset time lapse video

Okay, so lets do this.

There are lots of videos showing how to drill the timer (top and bottom) and add screw mounts. This seems unnecessarily complicated. In the following video, see how simple it is.

ikea gopro time lapse mountTo do this project, you'll need:

  1. GoPro camera
  2. GoPro adhesive mount
  3. Ikea 1 hour kitchen timer (egg timer) See it also on |

Note for Canadians: While it is “available” in Canada, the pricing is unusually high. It might be less expensive to just purchase a time lapse mount like Camalapse (see below) or the Neewer time lapse base.

DIY GoPro Rotating Time Lapse Base (with an Egg Timer)

Watch on YouTube Photo (top of post) and video copyright owner is Kyle Martin.

Alternative to DIY GoPro Time Lapse Mount

camalapse mountBefore I saw the video, I ordered the Camalapse mount.

It comes with the top/bottom tripod mounts and is marked off in 4 – 15 minute increments. It rotates a full 360 degrees in 1 hour.

It is center-weighted and will support cameras up to 5 pounds.

See the Camalapse 4 on (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

After seeing the video, I'm going to make one of these for myself. I'll be on the lookout for a similar egg timer here in Canada.

Your Turn

Have you had success with this method? What have you used to make rotating time lapse videos? Please join the comments below!


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