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How to Download More GoPro Edit Templates

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Update: (December 2017) Earlier this year, GoPro Studio reached the end of it’s life. It is no longer available for download and there are no more updates. RIP GoPro Studio!

You’re going to need another program. Check out these great options for GoPro editing software.

In this post, you’ll learn how to download GoPro templates for GoPro Studio. And how to replace their music with your own.

GoPro templates download

GoPro Edit templates make editing in GoPro Studio easier.

It’s a drag and drop system which helps you create a compelling video complete with music. Each template includes multiple clips which are arranged to hold the viewer’s attention.

Learn more about how to use GoPro Edit templates.

Why Download More GoPro Edit Templates?

Downloading more templates will allow you to tell a wider variety of stories.

Just notice the difference in the stories I created using a couple of different templates.

For the first video, I used a short template called Dubstep Baby. For the second, I used a longer one from the new templates I downloaded. It was called Hippy Bus Adventure.

Snorkeling video made using Dubstep Baby edit template

Watch on YouTube

Notice how the next template allows me to tell more of an adventure story.

Galapagos adventure video made using Hippy Bus Adventure edit template

Watch on YouTube

Something I love about Edit Templates is that they force me to choose only my best clips. And they require super short clips.

When just getting started with video editing, it’s easy to include clips that are too long. We might think they are awesome because we remember how wonderful everything felt. But our viewers might find them boring. The templates help keep things moving.

I also like that they provide ideas of the types of clips I could include. For example, I would not have included the driving clips in the above video, but because there were driving clips in the template I chose to add them. It spiced up the story.

I added my own music in the above video because YouTube would not allow me to monetize with the music that came with the template.

I’ll talk about how to replace the template music later on in this post.

How to Download More GoPro Edit Templates

Downloading more GoPro Edit Templates is easy. Follow these 3 steps and you’ll have new templates to play with in no time.

3 Easy Steps to Download more GoPro Edit Templates

I watched each sample template before I downloaded it. If you don’t watch them first, you can download them all in about 5 minutes to get a new set of templates.

1) Open GoPro Studio and click on -> Step 2 Editdownload-edit-templates-in-gopro-studio

This will take you to a different screen where you can either choose an edit template or a blank template. You won’t choose either right now

2) When your new screen pops up click on -> Download more herehow-to-get-more-edit-templates-in-gopro-studio

This will bring you to a page on the GoPro website. This is where you will download more Edit Templates.

You should be on a page that looks something like this:

downloading more edit templates for GoPro Studio

3) Just follow the 3 steps outlined on this page:

  1. Choose a template below and click Download Template
  2. In your browser or download folder, double click the template file to install it
  3. Open GoPro Studio, then click on the Edit tab to use the new template

If you’ve already got GoPro Studio open just click -> Load Template.

how to download more edit templates for gopro studio

You should see your new templates listed along with the previous templates in the program.

That’s it. Now you can start creating with your new templates.

Add Your Own Music to a GoPro Edit Template

To make sure that you will be able to monetize your video you should add your own music file. The music has to be royalty free. You can find royalty-free music.

If you don’t want to monetize, don’t worry about the music. Unless you just don’t like it and want to put in your own track.

How to add your own music to GoPro Edit Templates.

1) Click on the Media file in the upper left. Then choose the audio file you want.

adding new music to a gopro edit template

2) Then back in GoPro Studio drag your music file to the second audio track location.

how to add different music to gopro edit templates

3) Next, click on the audio track that came with the template and then go up and drag the fade slider all the way to the left.

how to change gopro edit template music

When you play the video you should only be able to hear your music track. Now proceed with exporting your video.

What Stories Will You Tell?

Now that you have a bunch of new templates and you can add your own music, you have so many options.

The same template can be used to tell many different stories and changing the music will keep things feeling fresh.

Please share your thoughts and tips about GoPro Edit Templates by commenting on this post. And share a link to any (G rated) videos you’ve created, don’t forget to mention which Template you used.

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