Fix GoPro Audio: External Mic 3.5mm Adapter Review

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gopro mic adapterIt's no secret that I love my GoPro.

I've created body-boarding, Galapagos animal, and sunset timelapse videos. It is great for both underwater and timelapse videos.

But all is not well with the GoPro Hero3.

It has horrible audio! 

GoPro Audio Sucks

Although nothing will stop me from using my GoPro, I wish that it had better audio.

Of course, the audio is bad when it is inside of the waterproof case. It does pick up some underwater bubble sounds – and a little splashing. If someone yells (above water) can pick it up (faintly).

But aside from bubbles and yelling – it gets nothing. If you want to record voice audio – forget about it!

It is airtight, so obviously the sound won't travel so well through the case.  But even when it is out of the case, it is almost impossible to record any audio.

fix gopro audio


How To Fix GoPro Hero3 Audio

While this isn't a complete fix, it is better than nothing.

Go to the GoPro store ($19.99) or Amazon ($10.99) and order the GoPro mic adapter. It's a micro usb to 3.5mm connector and works great.

See the difference in the following video.

GoPro External Mic 3.5mm Mic Adapter Review 

Watch on YouTube.

Why Connect a Mic to GoPro?

The camera has to be out of the case for the mic to work. What's the application?

My plan is to (occasionally) use the camera out of the case while traveling.

Now that we have this adapter (connected to the Audio Technica mic) we can produce quality travel videos and adventure videos with one camera. We have a number of other cameras, but sometimes it isn't practical to carry them all (kayak trips, hikes in the rain, etc). With a waterproof bag for the mic, and the GoPro in its own waterproof case we'll always have what we need. And we'll never risk damaging our other gear.

Your Turn

Have you used a mic to get quality audio from your GoPro? Please share your tips and experiences below.


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