Galapagos GoPro Bodyboarding Video (Isabela Island)

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galapagos gopro bodyboarding video

I was going through my Galapagos archives and just had to share this video.

galapagos bodyboarding bryanhainesDuring some free time on our last Galapagos trip, Drew and I got to grab some boogie boards and try out the waves on Isabela Island. The waves weren't that big but we had a blast! Below the video, I share the accessories that you'll need to get great bodyboarding video.

This is the same beach I shot my first GoPro time-lapse video. It's located directly in front of the Red Mangrove Isabela Lodge.

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Galapagos GoPro Bodyboarding on Isabela Island

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gopro bodyboarding

How To Shoot Bodyboarding Video

In addition to your GoPro, you'll need two accessories to shoot great bodyboarding video.

gopro anti fog inserts1) Anti-Fog Inserts

Because of this video, I learned an important GoPro tip: water shots require anti-fog inserts. Read about how to eliminate GoPro lens fog.

CamKix inserts come in a 20-pack for $6.49 (just 32 cents each). These come vacuum packed, so they are ready to use out of the package.

Check these out on | |

floating hand grip gopro2) Floating Hand Grip

For this shot, I was using my Hero3 Silver on the floating hand grip.

I love this grip – because it's easy to hold on to – and it floats. The wrist strap keeps it close – even if I drop it (which I did). But because it floats, the camera should never get away.

I shot about a dozen short clips – along with lots of individual photos while we were in the water. After, I compiled the highlights into this video.

Curious about the grip? Check out the Floating Hand Grip on | |

gopro floater hand grip

Here's how to install a GoPro bodyboard mount.

Your Turn

Please share your favorite water photos and videos in the comments below. What type of mount or grip do you use in the water?


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