Garmin Cameras


Check out all the gear. See the gear we use in our resources section.

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Garmin Cameras

In addition to GPS devices, Garmin also makes a number of action cameras.

Their cameras have a less boxy orientation compared to GoPro, their largest competitor. They shoot at higher resolution and come standard with LCD display.

See their full section here:

Where to buy Garmin Cameras: (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

On this page, you'll find the following Garmin products:

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garmin cameraGarmin Virb Elite Action Camera

I have yet to test this camera, but the specs look promising. We'll update the page as we test and review.

Where to buy Garmin Virb Elite: (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

Garmin Camera Accessories

We have a set of handle bar, head strap and adhesive camera mounts. I don't see a mount for tripod mounting.

Where to buy Garmin Camera Accessories: (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

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Check out all the gear. See the gear we use in our resources section.

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