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Check out all the gear. See the gear we use in our resources section.

GoPro Accessories

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To get the most out of your GoPro camera, you'll need some accessories. This page is updated as we test and review new mounts and accessories.

Because of the number of accessories they offer, we have created complete pages for the following GoPro accessory manufacturers:

Joby TripodsWasabi BatteriesPedco Camera Mounts

On this page, you'll find the following GoPro mounts and accessories:

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Camalapse 4: Time Lapse Mount

camalapse gopro gorillapodCreate panning time lapse videos with this slick little tool.

This mount rotates a full 360 degrees in one hour. Comes with metal tripod (1/4″-20) adapters on top and bottom.

It works similar to a kitchen egg timer, but has tripod adapters and is marked off in 15-minute increments. This mount will add a new dimension to your time lapse videos.

Image to the right: Camalapse is pictured with the GoPro Hero4 and is mounted on the Gorillapod.

Where to Buy Camalapse Mount: (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

camalapse mount

gopro accessory floatyGoPro Floaty Door

Don't worry about losing your camera again. Just swap out your backdoor with this one and your camera will float to the top and be super visible.

The orange floater attaches to the supplied backdoor with 3M adhesive tape. It is enough to keep the camera on the surface of the water. The floater is enough for just the camera. It won't work with other accessories attached.

Where to Buy GoPro Floaty Back Door: (US) |  Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

gopro floaty backdoor

Action Camera Selfie Sticks

There is an endless list of selfie stick options. Some are good – most are crap. Here are the two we use:

1) OCC Pole Selfie Monopod 15″ – 48″ (Heavy Duty):

selfie monopodThis is a beast – it is the most stable selfie-stick we've ever used. We have even mounted our DSLR with very good success. It is super sturdy and extends to a solid 48″ in length.

This isn't a pocket size – but it does easily fit into a backpack. There is no flex or give in the pole. Even though it isn't the smallest stick, it is my favorite.

This pole comes with a GoPro adapter and has a rotatable head. With three extending/locking sections, it's easy to get the right length.

Where to Buy OCC Pole: (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

2) XShot XSP2 Pocket Camera Extender (Light Duty):

xshot pocket extenderThis is truly a pocket selfie stick. We used this extender while traveling the Galapagos and it helped us capture amazing wildlife photos.

Every animal (including tortoises, sea turtles, sea lion pups, and marine iguanas) was curious about the GoPro mounted on the end. Because it was 3 feet away from us, they were brave enough to come close for a look.

You'll need an adapter for your GoPro. These come with many accessory kits or you can order one direct from GoPro.

Where to Buy XShot Camera Extender: (US) |  Amazon Canada | Amazon UK


Accessories to Follow:

  • GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter
  • Moisture Inserts
  • Floater
  • Suction Cup

Check out all the gear. See the gear we use in our resources section.

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