Wasabi Camera Batteries


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wasabi camera batterywasabi camera batteries

Wasabi Camera Batteries

When you're traveling, having extra batteries is a must. We use Wasabi batteries for all our cameras – action, DSLR and camcorder.

In almost every case, Wasabi has more power and costs less than batteries from Canon and GoPro.

See their full selection:

Where to Buy Wasabi Batteries: Amazon.com (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

On this page, you’ll find the following Wasabi Camera Batteries:

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Wasabi GoPro Batteries

These batteries fit and work identical to the original GoPro battery that comes with your camera. They are always less expensive and often come with a car and/or USB charger.

GoPro Hero 3

The battery you'll get with your Hero3 camera is 1050mAh. The Wasabi version of the GoPro battery is 1200mAh. The mAh (milli Amp hour) refers to the capacity of the battery. This Wasabi battery has better capacity than the original GoPro one.

Where to buy Hero3 batteries: Amazon.com (US) | Newegg.com | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

GoPro Hero 4

For the Hero 4, both GoPro and Wasabi have matched the battery capacity at 1160mAh. The reason to consider Wasabi is the price.

Where to Buy Hero4 batteries: Amazon.com (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

wasabi gopro 4 battery

Wasabi Canon Batteries

When we buy a new Canon camera, we also order a set of Wasabi batteries with charger. In most cases, we can get a pair of batteries and charger for the price of one battery from Canon.

Because of the number of Canon cameras, it isn't possible to list them all here. Instead, you can follow the link to your preferred tech supplier and find the Wasabi battery that corresponds to your camera.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com (US)Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

Check out all the gear. See the gear we use in our resources section.

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