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GoPro Bird Photography: Best Bird Feeder Camera (Setup and Tips)

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If you love birding, you’re going to love this GoPro bird photography idea. It’s going to make capturing great footage a lot easier.


GoPro Bird Photography Idea: Feeding Time

These three videos show how easy it is to get awesome footage by mounting your GoPro near feeding birds. You can mount it to your bird feeder, a branch, or anywhere you enjoy watching birds feed.

By connecting your camera to your phone or tablet, you’ll feel closer to the action. And, you can watch from the comfort of your living-room sofa. This makes winter bird photography a lot more comfortable, or at least it does up here in Canada. 😉

GoPro Bird Photography Videos

In this video, Bryson Lovett shows some wonderful footage captured using the Bird Photo Booth, a bird-feeder/bird-cam combo he invented. He designed foam inserts which will accommodate a GoPro or most smart phones.

Bird Photo Booth Setup

Watch it on YouTube

Next you’ll see some footage from a backyard bird-feeder.

GoPro Bird Feeder Cam

Watch it on YouTube

The YouTube description for the following video says that the GoPro is mounted to a special bracket. But with some creativity you could just mount it to a branch.

Shooting a Baltimore Oriole with a GoPro

Watch it on YouTube

Another idea is to throw some seeds or nuts on the ground, and mount your GoPro to a tripod.

By using one like the Pedco UltraPod and flipping the GoPro upside down, you can get really close to the action. Your video or still, can be flipped during editing.

Here’s a shot we captured using that setup.


4 Tips for GoPro Bird Photography

Are you excited about trying this? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Mount your camera at least 12 inches from where the action will be taking place, any closer and your images will start getting fuzzy.
  2. Avoid lens fog by using anti-fog inserts.
  3. Use Protune flat for best color capture.
  4. Shoot 1080p at 60 fps for HD video (read more about GoPro settings).

Do you have any tips about GoPro bird photography? Please share them by commenting on this post.

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      Yes, I’m interested! I have a small deck with a wooden railing. I’d like to get some photos of birds coming to my feeder. Am confused about what to get and how to mount it. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Is there a go pro with motion activation for photos? I know you can do motion activated video – I’m only interested in motion activated photos.

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