GoPro Cameras For Dummies: My Book Review

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GoPro Cameras for Dummies covers all the basics for getting started with your GoPro.

GoPro Cameras for Dummies

This book is for beginners and those wondering if they should get a GoPro. It covers the camera's strong and weak points.

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GoPro Cameras for Dummies: Book Review

The GoPro is different than other cameras, so it comes with a learning curve. The time spent reading this book could save you a lot of time floating around on Google trying to piece things together.

This book has an easy to follow teaching style and it's not overly technical which is excellent for beginners.

GoPro Cameras for Dummies: Overview

GoPro Cameras For Dummies - Paperback (288 pages)
By John Carucci
Price: --

GoPro Cameras for Dummies: What You'll Like

This book covers a wide variety of topics. The author talks about picture quality, sound quality, basic composition techniques, gear recommendations, the basics of GoPro Studio, and a lot more.

GoPro book review: GoPro Cameras for Dummies

The terminology is easy to understand and the instructions are easy to follow.

The author (John Carucci) keeps things interesting by using some funny illustrations like this one (page 84) about video editing:

“Setting in and out points is also helpful in reducing the size of the converted file, and it eliminates any unwanted portions of the initial recording from being included in the converted file. It's like trimming the fat from chicken cutlets, but you won't need to wash your hands when you're done.”

When you're finished with this book you'll know how to calculate the number of frames needed to create a time-lapse of your desired length.

It will get your creativity going by discussing composition and camera angles. John Carucci has also written Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking For Dummies, his clear understanding of filmmaking help you think of techniques that will keep your viewers interest.

You'll also have the basics about how to import video clips into GoPro Studio, work with their templates, and create your final product.

GoPro Cameras for Dummies Book Review

GoPro for Dummies reviewGoPro Cameras for Dummies: What You'll Miss

This book is great on information, but not so great on photos. This isn't a big deal but, I guess I expected to see better photos.

I also don't remember any mention of macro lenses or color filters for underwater filming.

Read my GoPro macro lens review.

It's hard to cover everything, but GoPro Cameras for Dummies definitely covers the important stuff, it will get you up and running with your GoPro.

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Update (October 19, 2016): The update to this book will be released November 21, 2016.

By John Carucci
Price: $16.85
You save: $8.14 (33 %)

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