GoPro Macro Ideas: 9 Tips for Great Pet Store Photos

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Looking for some GoPro macro ideas? Wanna have some fun with your GoPro?

Head to the pet store.

GoPro Macro Macaw at the Pet Store

Read more about GoPro macro photography.

AGPtek GoPro Macro Lens ReviewI got my GoPro macro lens back in March. Here in Nova Scotia (Canada), March is a dull month – everything is dead, no flowers or bugs outside.

So I had to come up with some other ideas for GoPro macro.

GoPro Macro Ideas: Visit the Pet Store

The pet store is a great place to shoot. The animals can't run away, you can get underwater shots without going underwater, and the weather is always good.

On top of that, the staff just might take animals out of cages for you.

GoPro Macro Photo Macaw

The animals didn't mind the GoPro at all and most of them wanted to check it out. The birds were especially curious about it.

I think this one wanted to take a nap next to her shiny new friend.

GoPro Ideas for Macro

Why GoPro Macro is Great at the Pet Store

Pet stores are usually nicely lit which is important for great GoPro macro shots. It's also easy to get close to the animals.

The GoPro is a great camera to use at the pet store because it's:

  • small
  • has no flash
  • quiet
  • and is really tough (inside the waterproof housing).

You'll be happy about that last one if a Macaw tries to grab your camera like this one did.

GoPro Macro Macaw

I think the birds like how shiny the macro lens is. I was happy this grab attempt didn't leave any scratches on my lens.

9 Tips for GoPro Macro at the Pet Store

Here are some things to keep in mind. These tips will help you get great shots, and keep the animals (and staff) happy.

  1. Hand-hold the camera. Keep the camera as small and inconspicuous as possible. This will keep the animals calm and draw less attention. If people start coming over to check out what you're up to, the animals will be distracted. That makes it harder to get a good shot. The staff are always concerned about animal stress levels, so the smaller your gear, the better it is. If it looks likes what you're doing might stress the animals, they'll probably ask you not to do it. Fun over.At the Pet Store GoPro Macro
  2. Look for open cages. Bunnies, puppies, and kittens are often in open cages that allow petting. This makes it easy to get close to them. Macro lenses are best at about 2.5 to 3 inches, so you'll need to get nice and close. This is another great reason to hand-hold the camera. It's smaller than your hand so it won't alarm the animals or the staff.GoPro Macro Bunny Nose
  3. Shoot between the bars. As you move your camera the animals (birds) will follow. Try to keep the center of the macro lens clear of the bars. A bar in the middle of a shot can look okay, but it's less distracting without.Gopro Macro Photo Yellow Green BirdsGoPro Macro at the Pet Store
  4. Check the glass. It's easy to get caught up in shooting and forget to check for scratches in the glass. If you try to find an area of the enclosure with no (or very few) scratches your photos will look better.GoPro Macro Photo Blue Fish
  5. Shoot at the highest resolution. Choose your highest megapixel setting for better cropping options. I shot with Hero4 Black in the Wide field of view option with 12-megapixel quality. Cropping is necessary with macro because of distortion, the higher resolution you're working with, the better quality photo you're capturing.GoPro Macro Lens
  6. Shoot in Protune Flat. Protune flat will give you the best color capture so you'll be able to make your photos look better while editing.
  7. Be patient. Animals move around a lot. You'll need to be patient in order to get a clear shot. Try these GoPro ideas for macro when you've some play time on your hands.
  8. Take lots of pictures. It's not easy getting clear macro shots at the pet store. Take lots of pictures, of the same animal. The more you take, the more chance you have of getting a few keepers.GoPro Macro Photo Fish
  9. Talk to the staff. If you notice the staff watching you, talk to them about what you're doing. Chances are they'll want in on the fun. If not, find a different pet store.

Will You Take Your GoPro to the Pet Store?

Does this look like a fun GoPro idea? Do you think you'll take your GoPro to the pet store?

GoPro Ideas for Macro fun at the Pet Store

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  • Helen May 30, 2016, 4:21 pm

    Great tips, Dena. The photos are gorgeous. I remember I came across another article that you introduced GoPro Macro photography. Quality of the butterfly photo with and without Macro Lens varies a lot. Enjoy the trip 🙂

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