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GoPro Microphone Guide (All Models) 6 External Mics, Adapters

Out of the box, GoPro mics aren’t perfect. If you plan to vlog with your GoPro, you should consider an external mic. Adding an external GoPro microphone makes a huge difference. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the best mic and adapter for your specific GoPro.

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Vloggers Guide to GoPro Mics

Every GoPro camera, (since at least the Hero3) comes with an internal microphone. And for some settings, it will be just fine. But audio issues are nothing new to GoPro.

Back in August 2014, I wrote about how to improve audio on the Hero3 Black (because it wasn’t very good).

Since then, audio quality has improved.

Do I need an external GoPro microphone?

There are a few reasons why you should consider picking up an external GoPro mic.

Here are a few audio limitations to your GoPro camera.

  • The internal mic just isn’t that good. If you want to record your speaking voice to teach or share something important, you might not get the quality you need from the internal mic.
  • The waterproof housing will eliminate almost all sounds (except the sound of bubbles from submerging underwater). Of course, you can’t use an external mic underwater – but it’s good to recognize the limitations of your camera. Some of the older models have waterproof-styled casing with side cutouts for mic and power cables. If you really wanted one for the newer models, I guess you could cut a case with a hot knife for port access.
  • Wind, road noise, or other background noise will affect the quality of your footage. The closer you can get the mic to your mouth, the better. When your camera is at the end of a 3-foot selfie stick, your mic is going to pick up lots of nearby sounds. Here’s more about how to reduce wind noise on your GoPro.

If audio quality is important to you, you’ll need a good mic.

Remember: When you’re using an external mic, your GoPro will no longer be waterproof. In order to connect your mic, you’ll have to plug the adapter into the USB port. This means that your access door will be open – exposing it to water, dust, and whatever other type of nastiness is in the air.

This isn’t a deal-breaker – but just remember to plan ahead and to keep your now-vulnerable GoPro safe from rain, salt, and dirt.

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GoPro External Mics

Here are a few external mics to consider. There are two primary types: on-camera and wired.

But first, let’s make sure that your GoPro model will accept an external mic.

Here are the models that will accept an external mic via the USB port in the side of the camera.

What GoPro Cameras Accept External Mics?

  • Hero10 Black (With Media Mod or adapter)
  • Hero9 Black (With Media Mod or adapter)
  • Hero8 Black (With Media Mod or adapter)
  • Hero7 Black
  • Hero6 Black
  • Hero5 Black
  • Hero5 Session
  • Hero4 Black / Silver
  • Hero3+ Black
  • Hero3 Black

Note: Hero10, Hero9, and Hero8 cameras will also accept an external mic with this GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter.

Which GoPro models don’t accept external mics?

This means that all these models don’t accept an external mic, even with an adapter.

  • GoPro Max or Fusion (360 cameras). This one makes sense. Although their 360-degree cameras are the most expensive cameras they make, a mic wire would make stitching the two images together almost impossible. Be happy this isn’t an option – it could ruin hundreds of hours of footage before users realized that there was a floating wire in their shot.
  • Hero7 Silver / White
  • Hero (2018) / (2014)
  • Hero+LCD
  • Hero4 Session
  • Hero Session

As you noticed, the cameras that don’t accept external mics are the low(er) end models, with the exception of the Max and Fusion.

This means that in addition to buying an adapter and a mic, to record great audio with your GoPro, you’ll also have to purchase one of the higher-end models.

Of course, this isn’t all bad. This also means that you’re getting a better camera with better features. This will come in handy whether you’re live streaming or using your camera as a webcam.

TRRS or TRS Jack for GoPro Mics?

For GoPro cameras, you’ll want a microphone with TRS jack.

If you have a TRRS mic, you’ll need a TRRS to TRS adapter for it to work correctly.

Not sure what you have? TRS has two bands on the jack. TRRS has three bands.

Ready to choose the best mic for your GoPro? Here are a couple of solid options:

Rode VideoMicro with Shock Mount

This is a popular mic for travel bloggers and YouTubers. It’s light and captures quality audio.

The mic comes with two key pieces: a shock mount and furry windshield.

  • The Rycote Lyre shock mount reduces unwanted vibrations and noise from handling the camera and from cable movement.
  • The furry windshield reduces wind and other environmental noises that can drown you out.

Check current price on Amazon

The mic draws power through the cable and doesn’t require additional batteries. The mic has a cardioid polar pattern and weighs just 42 grams.

You can even use this mic with your iPhone by adding the SC7 patch cable (TRS to TRRS). You can save a few dollars by getting the same cable by aftermarket manufacturer Ienza.

To mount this mic to your GoPro, you might want to add a housing like this one by Artman. It fits the Hero5, Hero6, and Hero7 cameras.

It has a hot shoe mount on top – just like a DSLR camera – making a great place to mount your Rode mic.

Lavalier Lapel Mic (Omnidirectional)

For the best audio, you can’t go wrong with a wired lapel mic. Because the mic is just inches from your mouth, it picks up your voice above other noises in your environment.

Check current price on Amazon

This mic includes extension cords, wind muffs, a y-connector, adapter, and storage pouch. And it comes with two lavalier mics. With this setup, you can record an interview or use one for voice and a second for other sounds – like an animal, a cooking dish, or nature sounds.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need a mic adapter to use your new mic with your GoPro.

For more mic options, check out our guide to the best YouTube mics.

Why do I need an adapter?

GoPro doesn’t make mic jacks in their cameras. So in order to use a mic with your GoPro, you’ll need an adapter to convert your 3.5mm mic jack into a USB connection.

Because most GoPro owners aren’t super concerned with crisp audio (at least not enough to add an external mic) GoPro decided not to include that in the standard camera.

Fortunately, they made it possible to add a mic with the help of an adapter.

If you’re looking to capture crisp audio, you are in the minority. Hats off to you!

gopro microphone

Trying to sort out the differences between all the GoPro models? Check out our GoPro Comparison Guide

GoPro Mic Adapters For All Models

There are three styles of mic adapters for GoPro.

  1. Hero10 Black, Hero9 Black, and Hero8 Black: Media Mod (housing with mic and mic jack built-in)
  2. Hero5, Hero6, Hero7: USB-C to 3.5mm mic jack and second USB jack
  3. Hero3 and Hero4: Mini USB to 3.5mm mic jack

GoPro Hero8 Black Mic Adapter

The Hero9 and Hero8 don’t accept a microphone, even with an adapter.

To use a mic with this camera, you’ll need to purchase the Media Mod – a separate housing with both an upgraded multi-directional mic and a 3.5mm mic jack to add an external mic.

There are other add-ons to the Media Mod, including the Display Mod (front-facing screen), and the Light Mod (super bright LED light). Both the Display and Light Mod will fit on the Media Mod at the same time (top and side).

It’s important to note that each camera (both the Hero9 and Hero8) has a model-specific Media Mod. They aren’t interchangeable between models. 

GoPro Mic Adapter: Hero7 Black, Hero6 Black, Hero5 Black)

This simple 3.5mm mic adapter allows you to easily add a standard mic to your GoPro camera. This adapter works for the Black version of the Hero5, Hero6, and Hero7 cameras.

See current price on Amazon.

GoPro Mic Adapter Specs:

  • Choose from hundreds of 3.5mm microphones
  • 106dB stereo analog-to-digital converter
  • USB-C Power
  • Enables stereo mic and line
  • 90° connector, keeps the wires close and less clumsy

GoPro Mic Adapter for Hero3 / Hero4 

There are a couple of options for the older Hero3 and Hero4 cameras. The first option is a an all-in-one.

Movo GM100: This adapter/mic combo set is a perfect piece to easily add quality audio to your older GoPro.

Check current price on Amazon

The Movo GM100 fits the following GoPro cameras:

  • Hero3 Black
  • Hero3+
  • Hero4 Black and Silver

Please note: This doesn’t fit the Hero4 Session.

This mic and adapter are well rated and super economical. Already have a 3.5mm mic and just need the adapter? Movo sells this too. Check out the Mova GMA100 GoPro adapter.

Of course, GoPro makes the “Official” 3.5mm mic adapter. It’ll cost a bit more but might be worth it. Have a look here. I have a couple of them and they work great.

How to use a GoPro mic adapter

It is so simple, you’ll laugh. Both style adapters (for the Hero3/4 and the Hero5/6/7) are plug and play. No setup or tweaking is required.

Literally, just plug the adapter into your camera, and then your mic into the other end and you’re good to go.

best gopro microphone

Here’s our recommended vlogging equipment setup.

Your turn

And that’s our guide to GoPro microphones. Have a tip to share? We would love to hear it. Join me below!

Lon Lawrence

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Why can't we use a microphone with a USB-C connection end on it (instead of one with a TRRS end)??? They are available on Amazon for practically nothing.

Nick M

Saturday 13th of March 2021

Thanks for the info. How come you say the Hero 8 Black can only use a Media Mod when I see people online using a GoPro audio adapter for external mics? Are they wrong? What will happen if you use the audio adapter with a Hero 8? Thanks!

Eric Lounder

Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Hi, can you please specify if the gopro microphone adapter requires the trs or trrs jack on the microphone to work correctly? You show a trs in one of your photos; is that the standard for microphones? Thanks!

Bryan Haines

Monday 27th of July 2020

Yes, you'll want a TRS microphone. If you have a TRRS, you'll need a TRRS to TRS adapter for it to work correctly.


Monday 15th of June 2020

I think you will find that the Hero 8 Black is fully compatible with the "USB-C to 3.5mm mic jack and second USB jack".

GoPro themselves list it on their website as compatible.


Monday 12th of October 2020

It seems it was compatible until a recent firmware update. Now everyone complains about the microphone no longer being recognized.

Misty Thomas

Sunday 3rd of May 2020

Hi Bryan, maybe I missed it, but is there a microphone you would recommend for a vlog where I set the microphone in front of me like a studio? Or a lapel mic instead of a microphone mounted on top of the GoPro? I want to run the audio through Switcher.

Thank you,

Misty Thomas