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6 GoPro Rattlesnake Videos: Terrifying Video From Their Den

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Of all the things you could shoot with a GoPro, why would you choose a rattlesnake? Because they’re awesome! Let’s go inside their den and see if you can watch these GoPro rattlesnake videos and not to cringe.

gopro rattlesnake

Here’s the most famous of the GoPro rattlesnake videos.

GoPro Falls Into Pit of Rattlesnakes

Michael Delaney was shooting a den of rattlesnakes in rural Montana. And as you might have guess, the snakes weren’t super happy about it.

After the third direct strike, the camera fell off, into the writhing pile of rattlesnakes.

Don’t forget to turn on your sound. The couple dozen rattles all sounding at the same time really adds to the video.

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Here’s what Michael had to say about it.

“Just got some great rattlesnake footage, the GoPro was knocked off the stick from a snake striking it and landed in a ball of snakes. Fished it out with a hockey stick, just got done cleaning the venom off my GoPro.” – Michael Delaney

His wife wanted him to leave it behind – but he managed to get it out with a hockey stick.

Michael’s footage is pretty solid – but it was this clip of the camera falling into the rattlesnake den that made this clip go viral (with more than 14 million views). And it was covered by many big outlets, including Time, HuffPost, and CNET.

Rattlesnakes Strike GoPro in Slow Motion

Want to see that rattlesnake strike in GoPro slow mo? Here is the same clip as above, but with each strike slowed down.

Yes, it’s even more terrifying. Let’s have a watch!

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Here are some more shots of that Montana rattlesnake den.

Rattlesnake Mega Den (Montana)

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GoPro Rattlesnake Pit Time Lapse

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360 Video Inside Rattlesnake Den

If you really want an immersive experience, try this 360 video of inside a rattlesnake den. Of course, if you have a fear of snakes, this one might be more than you can handle.

Don’t forget to change your point of view by clicking and dragging on the image.

Rattlesnake Wranglers (Orange County)

In this video, you’ll see friends Eric and Mark remove rattlesnakes from residential areas in Orange County, California. For a while, they ran a service called OC Snake Busters, which has since gone offline.

They have some of the best footage I’ve seen – and this is my favorite of all the GoPro rattlesnake videos in this post.

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Why GoPro is Best for Dangerous Animals

I’ve shot lots of animals with my GoPro cameras. Everything from Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, to camels and seagulls. I also shot some photos of white tailed deer in my back yard.

In my opinion, action cameras are the best for shooting animals – especially dangerous ones.

  1. Acts like a lure: The shiny lens catches the eye and brings them closer. Their natural curiosity means that you’ll get more shots of the animal actually looking at the camera.
  2. Reach: As with the above rattlesnake videos, a GoPro on a pole (or hockey stick) makes the difference. I filmed reef sharks in underwater caves – something I would never have done without my GoPro on a long pole.
  3. Creates distance: You can add from 3 to 6 feet between you and the camera (depending on your selfie stick). While it might not sound like much, this is enough distance for many animals to feel more comfortable and not bolt.
gopro rattlesnake den

Your Turn

Would you have tried to film the rattlesnake den with your GoPro?

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