5 GoPro Time Lapse Settings for a Busy Store

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In this post, you'll learn the GoPro time lapse settings to shoot the activity in a busy store.

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Why should you capture a time lapse of a busy store? There are a number of reasons you might want this.

  1. Travel bloggers who want to share an immersive feel of the stores and restaurants they visit
  2. Families and travelers who want to make a travel memory video
  3. The stores themselves to share on their social channels with their community
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This is me, placing the camera and mount for the time lapse. (Yet another unintentional GoPro selfie)

Here are the GoPro time lapse settings you'll need to create a great video of a busy store or restaurant. You'll find a sample video below the settings.

5 GoPro Time Lapse Settings for a Busy Store

  1. Mode: Shot in Time lapse mode at 1 image per second. I shot this video in Protune, but this isn't required.
  2. Resolution: Image resolution was set to 7MP Wide. While the camera can shoot 12MP, it isn't necessary for a time lapse video. Lower resolution photos take up less space and are easier to work with.
  3. Playback at 60 fps (frames per second). This produced 1 second of finished video for every minute of shooting time. Any slower and this would have been a pretty boring video. The 12 minutes of shooting resulted in a 12 second video.
  4. Camera location: Higher is better. For this video, I had the camera about 8 feet (2.4 meters) from the floor. A little higher might even be better. The lower the camera – the less of the action it'll capture.
  5. Mount: For this shoot, I used the Camalapse panning mount because there was a shelf at the right height. The Camalapse rotates 360 degrees over a 60 minute period. Because it pans, it captures more of the shop and gives an immersive feel. Check out the Camalapse mount on Amazon.com (US) | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK

lahave bakery nova scotiaIf you don't have a shelf to set your panning mount on, you'll want a stable mount. I recommend the Pedco UltraClamp. It is ideal for clamping on store fixtures, moldings, and signs. It's the most stable GoPro mount I've used. See the UltraClamp used on the front of a bus.

This video was edited in GoPro Studio with 1970s preset – to give it that old-time look to fit the decor. A more modern store would look better with a preset that makes the colors pop (like Protune).

GoPro Time Lapse Video: LaHave Bakery, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Watch on YouTube

This time lapse was shot at the famous LaHave Bakery, just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (Canada).

Your Turn

Do you have a question or tip about this project? Have you made a time lapse of a busy store or restaurant? Please share it in the comments below.


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