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7 GoPro Tips for Snowboarding Selfies (Gear, Composition, Settings)

Attention Snowboarders: You can take better selfies and footage! Check out these 7 GoPro tips for snowboarding selfies to get better shots today.

GoPro snowboarding tips

Guide to GoPro Snowboarding

Ready to hit the slopes this winter? With a dusting of snow on the ground already, snowboarders are busy waxing their boards.

Here are four tips to shoot a great snowboarding GoPro photo burst. The video is hosted by Dan Brisse, a professional snowboarder and X-Games Medalist.

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Snowboard selfie

7 GoPro Tips for Snowboarding Selfies

These seven GoPro tips for snowboarding selfies will help you get better shots the first time you use them.

Let’s get started.!

  1. Jaws Flex Clamp. This flex-neck clamp will mount just about anywhere. The neck is removable and you can mount the camera directly to the clamp. This is great for eliminating any shake.
    The clamp comes very well-reviewed on Amazon. Check out the Jaws Flex Clamp on Amazon Interested in an alternative (less expensive) clamp? See some below the video.
  2. Pair your GoPro to the Wi-Fi Remote. If you are shooting solo, the remote is the way to go. While you can set the GoPro to time-lapse mode (multi-shot continuous: shooting 1 image every half second) this might not be enough to capture your snowboarding action. With the remote, you can trigger the photo burst setting (see more in tip #3) and get the shot you want.
    Check out the GoPro remote on
  3. Use the photo burst mode. With the multi-shot burst, you can shoot up to 30 (12MP) images over 3 seconds. This is the setting used in the video below. With this setting, be sure to hit the shutter a second before you want it to begin. There is always a slight delay from the remote to the camera.
  4. Use Anti-fog Inserts. The cold air will almost certainly cause moisture to condense inside your waterproof casing. A simple silica-based insert will absorb the humidity and prevent it from fogging up your lens – and ruining your photo. I use the CamKix anti-fog insert. Here are all the anti-fog options.

5-7 GoPro Tips for Snowboarders (3 Tips in Video)

Alternative to the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

While the GoPro Jaws Clamp is a solid option – it isn’t the cheapest. Here are the most popular alternatives, by country.

  • Sametop Jaws Flex Clamp: This mount has a long flex neck and is a top-selling powersports photography mount. See current price on
  • Kupton Jaws Flex Clamp: This mount looks almost identical to the GoPro version, but costs less than half – and has a longer flex neck. Check it out on Amazon
  • GoPro Suction Cup Mount (Official Mount): This is a solid mount. Industrial strength suction tested at speeds of 150+mph. Attach to your snowboard with confidence. Check it out on Amazon.

Best GoPro for Snowboarding?

Curious about the best GoPro for filming your snowboard tricks and laps? Without question, the best model is the newest one: GoPro Hero10 Black.

Why is this the best GoPro? The Hero7 Black comes with amazing HyperSmooth 4.0 Video Stabilization – gimbal stable, but without a GoPro.

And you can shoot 8X slo-mo for sl0wing down those jumps and action shots – without losing any image quality. 

HyperSmooth vs GoPro on a Gimbal

How well does the Hero7 stabilization feature work? Check out this clip shot earlier this month with the Hero7 Black.

They are shooting with and without a gimbal – but you really can’t tell.

With the side-by-side comparison video, you’ll notice that the gimbal does provide a more stable background. But it doesn’t look as natural as the Hero7 Black on a stick by itself.

Some minor movement actually improves the footage. And it’s easier to shoot the clip without the gimbal – because of all the movement and reframing.

Here are the best GoPro gimbals available right now.

GoPro for snowboarding

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Your Turn

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