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31 Stunning Half Underwater Photos (6 GoPro Tips for Dome Ports)

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In this post, you'll see 31 stunning half underwater photos. I also share 6 GoPro tips so you can create great half underwater, dome port shots of your own.

Half underwater photos shot with GoPro

All the photos in this collection were shot with a dome port.

What does a dome port do? A dome port makes capturing half underwater photos easier because it pushes the water line farther away from the lens of your GoPro. It also puts more distance between the lens and underwater dirt particles.

These half underwater photos are also referred to as split shots, over-unders, split levels or  half and halfs. However you refer to them one thing is for sure, they are stunning.


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31 Stunning Half Underwater GoPro Photos

In celebration of half underwater photos, I've put together a collection of my favorite 31 shots (I think you're going to love them). At the end of the post, I share 6 tips for shooting your own half-underwater GoPro photos.  

Half underwater photo GoPro

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GoPro photo of half underwater shot

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Half underwater GoPro photo

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Are you inspired? I sure am. I love looking at those half underwater photos. They make me want to go out and start creating.

A dome port is an excellent addition to your set of GoPro mounts.

Now let's look at 6 tips that will help you get some great half underwater photos with your GoPro and dome port.

6 GoPro Dome Port Tips

1. Set up a great story

As you can see from the above photo collection, the closer your subject is to the dome port the better.

Landscapes make gorgeous half underwater photos. But to tell a better story, why not try to include something in the foreground.

The following example is a nice photo. I like the colors, the clouds and how the light is reflecting on the sand. But something in the foreground would make it better.


The next photo causes the eye to bounce around. It's more fun visually.

Having something in the foreground makes the composition more interesting. Even some plant life will do.


Some of the best half underwater photos include a subject close to the camera and action above and below the water. If you can include those elements, you'll have a fun and captivating photo.

half-underwater-gopro-photo half-underwater-photography-tips

Take a closer look at each photo in the collection. Which ones do you like the best? Take note of which elements stand out to you and use them as a guide when you set up your half underwater shots.

2. Check for water drops

Anyone who has a GoPro knows that water drops on the lens will ruin footage.

Read more about how to get water drops off your GoPro lens.

Well, there is a lot more surface on your dome port than your GoPro lens. And it's harder to get the drops off.

You'll want to carry a small super absorbent cloth to wipe off those water drops. Trust me blowing or licking them off doesn't work the same with a dome port as it does with your GoPro waterproof housing lens. And you can't use Rain-X or something like that because the dome port is not made of glass.


You could try dunking your dome port and getting your shot directly after bringing it back up to level. That way you'll get your shot before the water has a chance to separate and form drops. But this is not a dependable option and often leaves the edges of your shot looking wonky. The absorbent cloth works much better.

Cut a large super-absorbent shammy down to size and keep it in the pocket of your swim shorts or wetsuit. A shammy works best damp, so you'll just need to wring it out and then wipe off the drops.

3. Use anti-fog inserts 

You'll want to make sure you put anti-fog inserts in the dome port where your GoPro is housed. Without them, your footage could be ruined because temperature changes cause condensation which creates fog and leads to blurry photos.

Read more about how to eliminate GoPro lens fog.

4. Hold the dome port level

Try to make sure your water line is level, like the horizon line. This will make for a less distracting photo.


With that in mind, sometimes a tipped water line can add interest.

5. Hold the dome port half underwater

This sounds obvious, but it's not such an easy thing to do when you're bobbing around in the water. Being mindful of keeping your dome port half underwater will give you better results than if it's significantly above or below half.

In the next shot, I was trying to photograph a boat but my waterline was too high, you can't even see the boat.


Here I did a better job of getting the waterline halfway.


Our Telesin dome port comes with a line on the back marking where the water should be. When I'm floating and focused on the action, that line makes things much easier.

6. Use the dome port for underwater shots and video

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, a dome port pushes underwater dirt particles away from your lens. This makes for better underwater footage.

So remember a dome port is not only for half underwater photos. It's for underwater photography and video creation as well.

Read more about how to use a GoPro underwater.

Will You Get A Dome Port?

The more of a story your photo tells, the more captivating it is.

Half underwater photos tell both sides of the story. That's something we don't usually see. Normally we can only see above or below the water, not both at the same time.

Has this post inspired you to get a dome port for your GoPro? If you've tried to get half underwater photos without one, you know that it's not so easy. A dome port makes it much easier. I love ours.

Do you have any tips to share? Please do so by commenting on this post. And let us know what kind of dome port you use.

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