Hand Feeding Seagulls in Flight (GoPro Video)

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handfeeding seagulls

A couple years ago we flew from Ecuador to Florida, and then drove from Orlando to Canada with my parents.

Before heading north, we spent a week in Daytona Beach together. On our last night in Florida, we took some bread to the birds on the beach. Now, we've fed lots of ducks and pigeons in the past, and we expected the same result. But this was completely different.

It was windy on the beach. With the wind at our backs, the seagulls took to the air and just hovered there. They took the bread out of our hands – sometimes without even flapping their wings.

And we talked more about that 20 minutes on the beach, than anything else we did that week. Those were a couple of well-spent loaves of bread.

Hand Feeding Seagulls in Flight

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As you can see in the video, it was cold on the beach. That afternoon was around 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit). We were wearing our winter parkas and still the wind was cutting.

gopro animals feeding flying seagulls gopro seagulls flight

To shoot this video, I set the GoPro to video (1080 HD), mounted it on a selfie stick, and started filming (a solid 13 minutes). At one point, you can see the camera laying on the beach – shooting up into the flock. We laid bread on top of the camera and the birds snatched it in seconds.

flock of seagulls gopro

This video is an example of how average, non-extreme people can use the GoPro. Because it shoots super-crisp video and is waterproof and light, it's a great family camera.

seagulls gopro

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