How to Install the GoPro Bodyboard Mount

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In this post, you'll learn how to install the GoPro bodyboard mount.

Install the GoPro Bodyboard Mount

gopro bodyboard mountUsing a bodyboard mount will give you smoother shots than hand holding the camera (like I did here). This mount is great for shooting immersive point of view (POV) footage or some incredible selfies.

If you don't have your bodyboard mount yet, you have a few options:

  1. GoPro Bodyboard Mount: ($12.99) Fits bodyboards, soft-tops, or foam surfboards/SUPs up to 3.5″ (8.8cm) thick. Comes with mount, short and long base screws, camera tether, locking plug and mounting arrow.
  2. Oumers Bodyboard Mount: ($14.99) Very similar to the GoPro mount above. This mount notes that it also fits other cameras like GoPro – the SJ 4000 and 5000.

Note: Neither of these mounts were available in Canada or the UK. You might need to order them from the US and have them shipped to you.

To install your mount, here's what you'll need:

  • Bodyboard mount kit (see above)
  • Screwdriver: to poke a hole in your foam board.
  • Coin: to tighten the base screw to the mount

With all these pieces ready, lets get started!

How to Install the GoPro Bodyboard Mount

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GoPro Bodyboarding Tips

In addition to the mount, you'll want to consider two more details before hitting the waves:

  1. Lens Fog: This can form on the inside of your waterproof housing. Here's how to prevent it.
  2. Lens Water Drops: Water drops will hang on to the outside of the housing – and can ruin your footage. Here are 5 ways to prevent water drops on your GoPro lens.

More reading: How to use GoPro underwater

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  • Bevan Langley Jul 12, 2016, 2:57 pm

    My name is Bevan.

    Thanks for this awesome post. I’m about to head off to Indo on a bodyboarding trip so I’ll take a spare board along and try this out

    I make short bodyboarding clips in South Africa using various mounts. Here’s my latest one using a mouth mount:

    If you have time I’d love for you to check it out.

    Bevan Langley

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