Life In Natural Light: A Book Review

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life in natural light

Life In Natural Light: The Ultimate Guide For Photographers is a book from Digital Photography School and was written by Rachel Devine. The links in this post are affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission if you decide to buy a copy for yourself. We purchased this book and use it to improve our photography.

This book is great for beginners and advanced photographers who want to learn about capturing natural light.

Rachel talks about the many different kinds of natural light, and how to work with them.

What I Liked About Life In Natural Light

life in natural light bookSomething I've always loved in a painting or a photograph is the light, how it highlights the subject and draws the eye. I'm very interested to learn how to capture natural light in my photography, so I was excited to read this book!

Rachel didn't disappoint. Not only does she talk about light, her passion for natural light is contagious! She puts her heart into this book.

A couple of the quotes I really liked from the beginning of the book were…

We might share the same light, but we each have our own tale to tell with it.”
The human heart and mind are working with our eyes to build a story from the light and subject. It is that combination of elements mixed in with our experiences that we are compelled to share with others.”

As with Living Landscapes, Life In Natural Light does not get too technical. Instead, it focuses more on:

  • what kind of light is available
  • when you are likely to capture it
  • what kind of effect or emotion we can put across with it, and
  • how to work around difficulties.

Even before I finished the book, I was more aware of the light around me. And I find myself doing what she suggests, following the light around my house and making note of when it's best in each room, each window. I love it when something I learn makes me think or see things in a new way!

Learning to shoot with a DSLR, may get us thinking that our point and shoot camera is a thing of the past. But Rachel reminds her readers that photography is about capturing a moment, a feeling it's not always about the technical stuff. Some of her (and my) favorite photos in this book were taken with her phone's camera. I don't have a good camera phone, but I'll be packing my Canon Powershot once again.

What You'll Get From Life In Natural Light

This book gives you a breakdown of all the different types of light, the most detailed I've seen. She shares tips and photos to go along with the breakdown. It's really helpful to see the difference the strength, angle, and color of the light make.

Rachel shares tips about capturing shots during times of the day when many other photographers tell you to put your camera away and wait for better light. This could open your eyes to new photo opportunities.

You will find tips for editing both with Lightroom and Photoshop. She tells us what she does, but not how to do it. I guess that could be a book all on its own, and it's pretty easy to find tutorials online.

You'll also get tips on shooting, and editing for black and white. I'm really interested in black and white photography, so if you are too this will be a bonus.

Reading this book will help you generate ideas for your own shots and perhaps help you step outside your comfort zone.

This book is full of inspiration! And who can't use more of that?

Life in Natural Light

Publisher: Digital Photography School
Author: Rachel Devine
Pages: 96 pages (instant digital download)
Price: $19.99 Get your copy now!

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