Underwater GoPro Video of the Endangered Blanding’s Turtle

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blandings turtle nova scotia

While visiting Kejimkujik on a day trip, we went for a canoe trip up the Mersey River.

We saw three different turtle species: the painted, a snapper and a Blanding's turtle.

The Blanding's Turtle is listed as endangered – with less than 250 adults in the province of Nova Scotia. We were pretty excited to see this guy – and to get some video of him checking out the GoPro.

To get this shot, we floated over to the shore and had the GoPro attached to my 48″ selfie stick (monopod).

blandings turtle underwater

blandings turtle gopro

Can you see him on the shore?

blandings turtle kejimkujik

He was just sunning himself while we took some photos. After a while, he slipped into the water and checked out the GoPro camera.

Here is the video we shot of the curious Kejimkujik's Blanding's Turtle:

Nova Scotia Blanding's Turtle 

Watch on YouTube

See more photos from Kejimkujik. While you might not see a Nova Scotia Blanding's Turtle on your visit – you are almost certain to see other species of turtles, along with a lot of other wildlife.

Read more about how to use GoPro underwater.

Have you seen a Nova Scotia Blanding's Turtle before?


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