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How to Shoot GoPro Slow Motion Fireworks with Bullet Time Effect

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So here's what happens when you combine a rotating GoPro, exploding fireworks, and nerves of steel: bullet time effect with some slow motion fireworks.

So, this is pretty cool.

If you are curious about what your GoPro is capable of, wonder no more.

In this incredible video, you'll see both the image quality and super fast frame rate that made GoPro famous.

Both the Hero4 Black and Silver will shoot at 240fps (frames per second). This means that it can be slowed to an eighth of its speed and still render at 30fps (the standard video frame rate).

Watch the video (first video) and then we'll discuss how to create it below (second video).

Shoot Slow Motion Fireworks (Bullet Time Effect)

Watch on YouTube

Pretty epic, right? While this looks tough, it's surprisingly simple to build. All you need is a ceiling fan, a 14 ft piece of lumber, outdoor wiring and a box full of fireworks. Oh, and lots of nerve.

Here's how to do it:

How To Build a GoPro Time Slice Rig (with a Ceiling Fan)

Watch on YouTube

In addition to the construction of the rig, you'll also have to do some editing in GoPro Studio. It isn't hard to slow things down – the biggest challenge is deciding which sections to slow and which to cut.

Bullet Time Effect Tip: Don't forget to shoot at 240 fps. While you can shoot at a lower frame rate, it won't render nicely at slow speeds. A high frame rate gives you the flexibility to slow it down a little or a lot.

Jeremiah Warren explains the whole process and supply list on his blog.

This is definitely on my project list. While I might not light them off in a wooded area, I definitely want to create this effect. I don't think I need to say this, but be careful!

According to the National Council on Fireworks Safety, you should: “Light one firework at a time and then quickly move away.” This means you should not hold a lit firework in your hand – ever.

GoPro bullet time effect

Will You Do It?

Are you planning on creating a rig like this? Please share your plans (and video links) below.

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