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15 Most Unique GoPro Mounts for Capturing Your Adventures

These unique GoPro mounts will make your GoPro an even more versatile camera. You can mount it just about anywhere!

Unique GoPro mounts

In this post, we’re going to highlight the best unique mounts that will help you add spice to your GoPro footage.

The Most Unique GoPro Mounts

If you’re like me, you don’t want to walk around with a GoPro hanging out of your mouth, or strapped to your forehead. And you probably already own a selfie stick or extend pole, so we’re going to talk about some different (more unique) GoPro mounts.

Here is a quick look at the top 15. You’ll find more info with photos and videos later in the post.

Top 15 Quick-List

  1. GoPro Tripod Mount: This tiny mount will let you use your GoPro on any standard tripod thread (1/4-20).
  2. GoPro Chest MountA great alternative to a head mount.
  3. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip Easily clip your GoPro to any backpack, bag or belt. Here are some more GoPro backpack mounting options.
  4. Thule Legend GoPro Backpack This pack was actually made for your GoPro! Comes with internal space for three cameras and area to mount two more on the outside.
  5. Telesin Dome PortDefinitely one of my favorite GoPro mounts. Easily shoot half underwater photos with this acrylic dome mount.
  6. Octomask: This snorkeling mask has a built in GoPro mount – which means you can get a great point of view video.
  7. Unique-mounts-for-GoProFloating hand grip for GoPro: This is a must if you’re taking your GoPro in the water. It serves as both a handle and a buoy. The bright color (comes in orange and yellow) will help you spot it on the surface.
  8. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness: Get a dog’s-eye-view with this chest harness for your pet. Comes with two mounting locations.
  9. camalapse gopro gorillapodJoby Gorillapod: This tripod will grip just about anywhere – and it’s super easy to level on unlevel surfaces.
  10. Camalapse Rotating time-lapse base: This base will rotate your GoPro while shooting a timelapse video to give it a panning effect. The bottom of the base can mount to a tripod or sit on any level, steady surface.
  11. Handlebar/seat post/pole mount: This gives a great POV perspective. Mount it on the front of your handlebar, back of your seat post or even on the end of a long pole. This can mount on almost any tube, pole or post.
  12. GoPro Helmet Front Mount: This perspective is even better than on your handlebars – but the weight of the camera is noticeable on a bike helmet. You can mount this on any kind of helmet – either with the included adhesive or the official helmet mount that GoPro makes.
  13. pedco ultraclamp reviewPedco Ultra Clamp and Ultra PodThe UltraClamp is a great option for solid mounting. We’ve mounted this to benches, canoes and even a tour bus. Because of it’s construction, you can mount it and forget it. And for a portable tripod, the UltraPod is worth checking out – it functions as a normal tripod and it also mounts to signposts and tree branches.
  14. Fat Gecko Mini Camera Suction cup: This is great for driving lapse videos. We’ve mounted this to our windshield and shot tour videos of a whole city. It is super solid.
  15. Floaty Backdoor and Floaty Case: This will save your camera if you drop it in the water. It will float your camera to surface – and the bright color will make it easy to find.

Now that you’ve had a look at our top 15 unique GoPro mounts, let’s dig a little deeper. We picked these mounts based on their great POV, stability, and versatility.

The Top 15 Best Unique GoPro Mounts

1. GoPro Tripod Mount

The Tripod Mount for GoPro makes the top of this list because it allows you to attach your GoPro to such a wide variety of tripods (as you’ll see in this post).

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a little powerhouse when it comes to mounting options.

Tripods are important for keeping your camera steady, especially when shooting time-lapse video.

Learn more about how to make a time-lapse video.

2. GoPro Chesty Mount

This is a great alternative to wearing the GoPro strapped to your forehead.

With the GoPro chest mount, you still get a great POV (point of view) perspective and you’ll be more comfortable – both socially and physically.

One of the advantages to using a chest mount is that your footage will include more of your body in the action. You’ll see your arms, hands and whatever sports equipment your holding. An extend pole/selfie stick (facing away from you) or a handlebar mount includes less.


More reading: The best GoPro handlebar mount


GoPro Chest Mount Tutorial Video

Watch on YouTube

3. Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design

The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip can also be used to get a POV similar to the chest mount. It can be clipped to your backpack, bag or belt strap.

Peak Design sells a special mount for GoPro cameras, but it looks like you could just use a GoPro Tripod Mount with your camera angled up.

4. Thule Legend GoPro Backpack

This pack has front and back mounting options and a crush-proof interior area for up to 3 GoPro cameras, SD cards, extra batteries, LCD bacpac and remote control.

See current price of the Thule Legend backpack

If you’re looking for a great GoPro backpack for your cameras – this is it. Mount your cameras directly to the bag and store up to three inside.

Thule Legend GoPro Backpack Video

Watch on Youtube

5. Telesin Dome Port for GoPro 

The Telesin Dome Port for GoPro allows you to get great half underwater shots. The shape of a dome port pushes the water line farther away from your GoPro lens making these epic shots easier.

It also helps with underwater footage because it pushes underwater particles away from the lens.

Learn more about how to shoot half underwater photos with GoPro.



6. Octomask

This is a scuba/snorkeling mask with a built-in GoPro mount. It leaves your hands free so you can swim and pick things up more easily.

It looks like it would be more comfortable and less hassle than using a normal mask plus a head strap mount.

As explained in the video below, unless you are a freediver who needs to equalize your mask, the Octomask frameless will probably be the most comfortable with the best view.

Octomask for GoPro Review Video

Watch on YouTube

7. Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

This handheld mount is wonderful in or out of the water. It’s easy to hold even while wearing diving gloves because it’s chubby.

This “chub” factor also makes it a great mount for children. It’s easier for them to grasp than a slender mount.

And best of all, it floats, so you don’t have to worry about losing your camera if you let go.


Learn more about 5 ways to prevent water drops on your GoPro.

8. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

This might take the cake when it comes to unique GoPro mounts. It’s a great mount for getting a dog’s perspective and adding interest to your videos.

The footage from this mount can be used to make a walk in the park or a trip to the beach more interesting and comical. You can also get some pretty great still shots with it.

See current price of GoPro Fetch Harness

For this shot we had the camera mounted on our dog’s chest. When the GoPro was mounted on her back the leash kept getting in the way. I really like that this mount comes with two mounting locations.


9. Joby GorillaPod

The Joby GorillaPod (and mini Joby Magnetic) is our go-to mount for everyday shooting. It’s so versatile! You can twist the legs to wrap around a wide variety of objects, and adjust them for uneven ground.

It’s small enough to throw in your backpack and easily screws to the bottom of the GoPro tripod mount.

timelapse tripod

10. Camalapse Rotating Time-lapse Base

With this rotating base you can add even more interest to your time-lapse footage. A sunset timelapse is gorgeous, but capturing a sweeping view of the scenery is even better!

In this shot the Camalapse is pictured mounted to a Joby GorillaPod.

This mount is put to good use in travel settings as well – picture capturing a 360 degree sweep of a busy outdoor marketplace in South America or a busy marina in the Bahamas.camalapse gopro gorillapod

11. The Handlebar (+Seat, Post, Pole) Mount

The Nordic Flash Handlebar mount for GoPro is a great versatile mount. It attaches to the seatpost or handlebar – and is flexible to adjust to any angle.

It fits any pole with a diameter between 0.44″ t0 1.38″.

So it’ll work on your mountain bike, motorbike, and ski poles.


12. GoPro Helmet Front Mount

This is a solid option helmet mount. It gets the camera up higher than a chest mount so you capture a more wide open perspective.

I like the POV from this mount, but we prefer a handlebar or chest mount to a helmet mount.

We don’t like the extra weight on our helmet while mountain biking. But this may be less noticeable on a motorbike (or similar) helmet.



13. Pedco Ultra Clamp and UltraPod

Pedco Ultra Clamp is our favorite clamp mount. It clamps tight and won’t budge. Once this mount is screwed down you don’t have to worry about it shaking, bouncing or vibrating loose.

Check out our full review.

For a lightweight tripod that doubles as a grip mount, the Pedco Ultra Pod is a great option.

Both of these Pedco mounts will support other cameras, bonus!

You’ll need a tripod mount for both of the above mounts.

gopro travel timelapse

14. Fat Gecko Mini Camera Suction Cup Mount

Fat Gecko Mini Mount This is our preferred suction cup mount for driving videos. It has awesome suction and holds the GoPro steady on the windshield.

Don’t forget your tripod mount, you’ll need it for this as well.

Here is a driving video we shot in Ecuador using the Fat Gecko Mini Mount. The GoPro is very light which makes the mount even more stable.

Driving in Cuenca Ecuador, filmed using the Fat Gecko Mini mount

Watch on YouTube via GringosAbroad

Watch on YouTube 

15. Floaty Backdoor / Case for GoPro

The Floaty Backdoor is the perfect addition to make your GoPro safe to use with a wide variety of underwater mounts like your surfboard mount, kayak mount, whitewater rafting helmet mount…

We never take our GoPro in the water without something to help it float. This mount also works great for filming with a selfie stick or an extend pole. Although the pole will almost certainly add too much weight to float the camera and pole You can do a simple float test to check.

If you use your Hero7, Hero6, or Hero5 in the water without the case, you won’t be able to attach the floaty backdoor. For the newer model GoPros, you’ll want a floaty case, like this one by Bodhi. It slips over the camera, keeps it afloat, and still lets you view the screen and adjust settings.

Learn more about how to use a GoPro underwater.

More reading: Ultimate Guide to GoPro Accessories

What’s Your Favorite Unique GoPro Mount?

Now that you’ve seen our list of the best unique GoPro mounts, what would you add? Or, perhaps your favorite is on the list.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Please share your favorites and any stories to go along with them by commenting on this post.

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